10 Awesome Social WordPress plugins for your blog

In this article we will be reviewing 10 awesome social wordpress plugins for your blog that will help you in your online success.


Social media networks are a very important thing to consider for anyone serious about their online business success. Whether it’s a small WordPress site you are running or several sites it is essential to integrate social media. The benefit, however, is that if you are using WordPress it will be very easy for you to do. It is simply a matter of installing a plugin. There are hundreds of ready-made social media plugins to choose from.

 The choice of social media plugin that you will use should largely depend on the social platforms which you mostly use with your site. The type of content that is on your site and the plugin that will best integrate with your site. From feature-rich to simple, the choices are endless, this might be slightly daunting if you don’t know where to start. Use this list for the top 10 WordPress plugins which I believe are your best options.

10 Awesome Social Sharing WordPress plugins for your site

1. Share This WordPress Plugin

ShareThis is one of the more feature-rich plugins, it has a huge array of features in its toolbox, it support’s over 120 social media platforms. It is one of the most popular plugins on WordPress, the plugin doesn’t stop with social media sharing, however, it includes a hovering bar, built-in analytics, a widget that helps you track your shares when content from your site is copied, and much more.

2. Add This Share WordPress Plugin

This is another one of the feature-rich, popular plugins of WordPress. AddThis allows you to connect your plugin with over 330 social networking platforms and bookmarking websites. Unlike most of the other plugins featured this plugin does not include a floating sidebar, it does make up for this by giving you plenty of layout options. Also, if you have an AddThis account, you will be able to track site shares with its analytics service.

3. Digg-Digg

This is an extremely simple to use plugin, you simply install it and you will have the option for it to float off the left side of your screen or the right side. It includes many sharing buttons for literally every social network out there, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Linked in and many more. This app will certainly increase the amounts of shares your blog post has with counters on most of the social buttons. It also has a neat feature that delays the loading of the social bar till, after a few seconds, this will help improve the speed of your site’s loading time.

4. Flare WordPress Plugin

This is another social media floating bar, it is very simple to use and very versatile, it looks good with most themes. Not only does it give you social sharing buttons but it also features a Follow Me widget which will help your social media followings go up. It is compatible with most social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn and so on. The bar can be placed at the top, bottom left or right of your posts. It will scroll down the page with viewers to maximize the chances of someone sharing your content.

5. Social Media Widget

The social media widget is one of the more simplistic plugins. It gives the user the ability to enter their social media profile URLs and other subscription options which will be shown as an icon on the sidebar. And once clicked the profile will be opened in a separate browser window. It supports a huge number of social media platforms including RSS. It is also highly customizable from the set up to the colors and animation types of the plugin. This makes this a very strong candidate for your next social media plugin.

6. Floating Social Media Icon

This is a very highly rated floating bar plugin. It gives you a highly customizable and configurable floating bar that will scroll with the visitors as they scroll up or down. You also have the option to disable the floating aspect of the plugin and leave it as a static sharing widget.

 The floating social media icons will give you many different icon styles to choose from, so it shouldn’t be too hard finding one that matches the colors and layout of your site. It also gives you the ability to set up different widgets so that you will have different social media buttons for different pages on your site.

7. Social Media Feather

This is a simplistic and lightweight social plugin. It will keep your load times down as it does not use JavaScript like most of the other social media plugins. It also has a very sleek modern look to it and the appearance of the social plugin is highly customizable. It includes all the major social sharing providers such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, and even email.

8. Slick Social Sharing Buttons

If you’re looking for a plugin that isn’t too hard to implement and includes a wide array of options then Slick Social Sharing Buttons may be the plugin for you. The upside of this plugin is the ease of installing it, also it allows you to customize your plugin so that it matches the theme of your site. With this plugin, you have to option to customize the location of the floating bar, the floating speed, the animation speed, and the location.

9. Add To Any WordPress Plugin

This plugin will offer support for well over 100 social networking platforms, which can be in 19 different languages. AddToAny is one of the more popular social media plugins reaching 3,000,000 downloads. It is highly customizable and incorporates many different features that will surely be useful to your site or blog.

 You will also be able to integrate Share Buttons AddToAny with Google Analytics to give you a better insight into your site’s social media sharing.

10. Shareaholic WordPress Plugin

This plugin includes many features which makes it much more than a social sharing plugin. It aims to get users to discover and submit your content to numerous social bookmarking sites around the web. It supports all the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more. In addition to this Shareaholic also comes with a related content tool, this is very useful as it will keep visitors on your site by offering them related content to view.

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