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In this specific article I will talk about how to 301 redirect a webpage to another, what to consider that working and what are the things that are not working and you should not do.

What does a 301 redirect stand for and what it serves for?

I will start by giving an example, you notice that you have a very long article Slug and you see it looks spammy and very long, or you made some modification to a certain webpage and at that point you had to rename the link for some reasons, or just you notice a missing valuable key phrase that you should have used, in all these cases you need a 301 permanent redirect from the old page that have an 404 error to the new page utilizing a page redirection tool.

Let’s say you rename a full page on your website, for reasons unknown. You decided to revamp your complete naming convention perhaps, perhaps you made a decision to restructure your site and need to go pages into different folders, or you realized that you are missing valuable keywords just.

Imagine that you have a webpage named domains-for-sale.htm then after making some google search you notice that placing the word cheap before would make you get more targeted traffic, then you decide to change the webpage to cheap_domains_for_sales.htm, it might be more useful however you need to know that you have manually produced a 404 error for old page.

You need first to manually fix the internal linking issues you have create, every webpage has a link pointing back to that page should be replace with the new one.

For huge website might be a big problem because they well get a ton of 404 errors and it is difficult task because there might be forgotten links.

 A good solution to frequently hunt those error is by reviewing them in Google search console or scan the website for broken links using some free website checkers available online. I used to utilize an awesome WordPress plugin called WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post This plugin automatically create a redirection ( 301 Redirect ) of any 404 errors existing due to the deletion or renaming the slug of a certain web page to a post or a page that is alike and that is done according to the Title, the type of the post and Taxonomies.

If the plugin have the ability to scan and find webpages that is not related to any post or page , all the visitors to that webpage will be sent straight to the homepage or to any custom page you specify.

It features automated detection of any 404 errors and smart searching of similar content on your website based on different factors such as Post Type, Taxonomies, meta data.

Automatically search a similar post based on multiple criteria such as the title and the kind of the post and possible Taxonomy.

You can as I said direct it to the homepage or a URL you choose or you can even choose the predefined 404 error to be prompted.

You can even specify the type of redirection weather you want it temporary or permanent throughout creating 301,302 headers.

It is possible to exclude post types, Taxonomies, post basing on a personalized meta data, as well as displaying debugging console for admins rather than being redirected on the other hand it will be possible to preview the available redirection from the admin panel. All of these options and many more advanced options are available in free light weight plugin! that is really incredible.

The problem of losing page ranking :

Moz and Majestic have developed some SEO metrics that are important for the future ranking of any online business the most important five factors are Domain Authority, Page authority created and developed by Moz and Trust Flow, Citation Flow developed by Majestic. it depend always on the magical word.. Backlinks.

All of them can be measured by looking at the range from 0 ‘the worst’ to 100 ‘the best’. Citation flow means how many links you have that pointing hack to your website while the Trust flow determines how much quality those links hold inside. Domain and page authority work in the same way. The more number of quality relevant link pointing to your web address you have the higher the authority you will enjoy. Those metrics work in similar way as Google page rank factor works, so they are extremely important for your website.

A 301 redirect is the most effective user visitor friendly, robot (spider, crawler) friendly and internet search engine friendly solution around for internet sites that are hosted on servers running Apache. If you’re not sure what is Apache is, you can refer to your hosting provider.

A 301 redirect is a punch of scripts injected in your own .htaccess file.

 Whenever a visitor (whether human or robotic) requests your web address, your web server instantly performs some fast checks for a file placed on your root folder called .htaccess document. The .htaccess file contains precise instructions for several demands, including but not only security, redirection issues and the way it should be handled in certain situations and in certain errors.

The script “301” can be interpreted in the phrase “transferred permanently from X to Y”. it will be Followed by users and bots when a request is initiated, the URL of the renamed at that point would be noted, followed, and accompanied by the new address.

The most amazing thing about the 301 redirect that there will be no need to worry about the page rank, because weather it was external or internal the link juice will pass to the new address the thing that you will never lose your efforts in building pages authority on your website because there will be always an automated plugin that not only transfer the visitors of an error pages to a new address but it will also pass all the web page metrics, those metrics that profoundly connected to your overall domain SEO metrics such as MOZ domain authority and Majestic trust flow.

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