Are You a Content King? Then Let’s Build a Palace

Are You A Content King? Then Let’s Build A Palace. this is an interesting article that let you know what is the meaning by content is the king. after reading it you will be able to imagine which content is king and the importance of the website content.


Let’s face it, content is king and will always be the case. This is true regardless of whether you sell a product or service. If either one sucks, no about of traffic is going to fix the problem.

For now, let’s assume you are a content king, but let us examine the basics to reorganize our thoughts from link building to content marketing. Or at the very least, those of you who haven’t been content marketing in some time, this post can serve you as a great refresher course. For the newbies, here’s a rundown of just what and how and when to create a great content marketing strategy.

Be the king of the content kingdom by building your palace right:

1.) Own your space.

You don’t build your palace in some other guy’s back yard. You don’t build your site on someone else’s domain. If you don’t own the URL, it’s not yours. If you haven’t registered so that your URL is (or whatever extension you need) you’re doing it wrong.

Start over. The root problem if you haven’t figured it out, is that if you don’t place your content on your website, you are losing out on a significant intellectual property.

2.) Place your cornerstone.

Your cornerstone is the very essence of what your site is about. It’s 10 or 12 pages that lay it all out there for your reader – what you believe regarding your topics, what your Website is promoting, what you stand for and support as far as they are concerned.

Once you get your content up and running, these can be condensed into some FAQ’s or your About Us page. Half the battle is just starting…so no more excuses!

3.) Build your walls of quality materials. 

Write good content that is sticky and readers want to read. This is the key to readership and ultimately meeting your objectives. If you aren’t offering compelling content, your target audience simply won’t come back. Just as you wouldn’t build your palace of cardboard, you don’t build your site with dull, boring, badly written content right?

4.) Hire security guards. 

Or buy guard dogs. Don’t think for a second that you are not a target for hackers. Especially if your content is built in open source platforms like WordPress or Drupal.

If fact, it just makes you a greater target because of the number of Websites made in these popular content management systems. Make sure that you have the best security for your site that you can get.

Keep your software updated, stick with a reputable web host with good security, and keep an eye out for plagiarism, too. Nobody likes a hacker, but if they spot you as an easy target, they’ll keep coming back. At the very minimum, make sure your hosting company is backing up your content and databases. Some do it for free, while others charge. Regardless, it’s a small price to pay for recovery of data.

5.) Hire an interior decorator. 

Folks expect a certain style and flair when visiting a Website/palace. Remember that when designing your site. Few readers are going to stick around or come back if your site has an ugly, cluttered, amateurish, or difficult-on-the-eyes look and feel to it.

But don’t trade eye-catching design for low capture. There are way too many so-called Website designers that no doubt can make you look good, but achieving your objectives whether its sales or leads is entirely different. This is something that our Minneapolis advertising agency specializes in and can help you with.

6.) Put out the welcome mat. 

While your cornerstone and killer content will help build a solid following, you’ll need to keep bringing in new readers. To do this, you’ll have to write content that others will want to share and that the search engines like.

And you’ll have to do it quite often, to keep your content fresh and inviting. A little controversy, a little humor, a little running joke or even a series of posts about one topic are all good ideas to bring in new readers. Just don’t overdo it. Also remember, you have to keep your regular readers happy as you do all this.

7.) Don’t forget the mailbox. 

Build your email list sooner rather than later. Email is personal, more immediate and somehow tends to build deeper relationships with readers than your site ever could. Share your best content, or additional content, or special discounts on products – anything that can make your subscribers happy and keep you out of the spam folder.

8.) Meet the neighbors. 

Once you get the first seven items taken care of, expand your known world by guest posting on other sites with similar tastes as your own. Invite those site owners to guest post for you, as well.

9.) Don’t forget to stock the storeroom.

Keep in mind that you are content MARKETING. Don’t wait too long or go too far before you make the offer. You’ve got something to sell, remember? Some products or services you want people to buy? Every now and then you have to remind them of that.

10.) Buy a vacation home. 

If your palace is running smoothly and doing well, there’s nothing wrong with setting up shop on Facebook or Google+ or some other social media outlet. Just don’t make the mistake of forgetting where you live.

You can’t effectively sell on social media until you have something to talk about, something worth sharing. Oh sure, it can be fun, but it can’t be the place where you spend all your time. Keep the home fires burning and the readers will keep coming. Social media can bring in more, to be sure, but it can’t do it without something worth bringing them home to in the first place.

I look forward to visiting your palace.

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