Clickaine Ad Network Review 2019 (Pros and Cons)


First of all, Clickaine Ad Network is becoming one of the most trustworthy ad networks and Real-Time bidding advertising market place in the adult niche industry.

They have a professional staff that they were able a network that has to construct a solid powerful advertisement network with short time and considering that they are already working with millions of daily traffic in that short time, it is a good sign that they have a bright future and they are here to stay unlike some advertisement companies that in a matter of a year or so they reach the end of their business.

Likewise, as I was navigating the BitterStrawberry ad network website, their servers went down, so I hope they did not reach the end despite that they were one of the biggest CPA, CPL, CPI, CPC networks in the globe.

Certainly, when I speak about a market place I mean that it is a place for publishers and advertisers that are based on real-time bidding.

Clickaine Ad Network is willing to purchase your traffic if you register a publisher profile or selling traffic if you are happy to advertise your website or a product that you are promoting with them.

They are ready to buy or sell different types of traffic such as popunders traffic, skimmed traffic, pre-roll, video slider, push notifications.

Clickaine Ad Network can be considered an outstanding network that have a lot of ad types and adaptable options for both publishers and advertisers such as the various ad types that ruin the user experience while navigating a certain website and similarly applies for advertisers where they found a lot of comfortable easy to use interface when they installing their ad campaigns, such as advanced targeting, by location, city, network operator, age, gender, languages, smart bidding, interests, and behaviors. 

They also have a powerful system that detects and filters fraudulent traffic, such as incentive traffic, traffic generated by bots or send throughout proxies, auto and manual surfers, or traffic exchange.

Therefore, you will be paying exclusively for real targeted traffic and you will be having the traffic that you are looking for based only on the settings you specify when setting up a campaign, no tricks.

Types of ads they have:    

# Popunder:

 as the name says, it is a window that pops under the main browser, so they user notice that in rare cases, it loads in the background, until the user closes the browser or minimize, they will see the advertisement paying all attention since it is the only window that will be seen.

It is highly recommended due to its high paying rates. Similarly, for advertisers it can be nicely used for promoting CPA offers especially opt-in pages.

Probably you think that it can spam or ruin the user experience, maybe some users consider it that way, however, I see it differently for the reason that it has the ability to pop under the browser, so it will never interrupt the user while navigating the website, unlike the pop up which can be certainly frustrating for some visitors since it covers the screen while the visitor is reading ruining the experience let alone the fact that it rarely converts since most visitors close it without even looking what it is.

# Skimmed:

this type of ad appears when a visitor clicks on any part of the page, it appears in a new tab without closing the main website or transferring the visitor to the newly opened tab, so it is hidden, therefore, the visitor continues to browse the website without any interruption.

As a result, it is the optimal way for the advertisers to increase the website ranking since it has high traffic volume and it is a cheap choice to go with.  

# Pre-roll:

5 seconds short video ad which appears when a visitor navigates a website before being transferred to the content intent. After 5 seconds pass the user can skip the ad and continues. 

# Video slider:

 this ad is literally a small window of a muted video that appears as a very small window on the right bottom of the content. Also, it does not overlap the content so it can be read as before placing the ad code, it permits achieving high viewability and exposure. 

# Push notification:

it is not more than a notification sent to visitors on various devices, it appears on the top of the browsers saying: this website wants to start sending you notifications, the user can allow or deny or simply ignore.

The type of their offers

CPM (Cost per Mile) in other words, it can be called the cost of thousand, the thousand can be clicks or views, which means that the amount that a certain advertiser is willing to pay per mile ‘thousand’ of view.

Types of the Traffic

Adult traffic

Targeting Options 

Devices types:

you can choose between a range of devices such as desktops/notebooks, eReader, Gaming consoles, Music player, smartphones, smart TV, tablets.
you can choose between a range of devices such as desktops/notebooks, eReader, Gaming consoles, Music player, smartphones, smart TV, tablets.

Environment or Operating systems:

you can target various versions and generations of; android, iOS, KaiOS, Linux, Linux / Fedora, Linux /Ubuntu, Mac OS, Nokia operating systems, Windows Phone, Tizen ‘all versions’, all Microsoft Windows versions.


you can target these browsers: Amazon SILK, android stock browser, Blackberry browser, Camino, Coc Coc browser, Comodo Dragon, CoRom browser, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Maxthon, Microsoft edge, Miui Browser, Netscape, Nintendo browser, Opera, Ovi browser, Safari, Samsung browser, SeaMonkey, Ubrowser, UC browser, Vivaldi, Yandex browser.


all languages and dialects are available. 

Geographical locations or country targeting:

all countries and territories.

Internet service provider or connection targeting:

business, internet café, cellular, college, government, library, military, residential, school, traveler.

Connection speed:

dialup, cable/DSL, corporate, cellular- carrier.  

Interests and behaviors or categories.

Time targeting:

you can choose the time zone and how many days a week, you can also select the hours of every day.


Smart Bidding, the system will accomplish in an automated way the bidding to optimize the traffic delivery speed not exceeding the limit of the Maximum Bid specified by the user.

So, you can specify the maximum price you are willing to pay per one thousand impressions. Like all other networks, two low bid might result in achieving lower traffic quality than expected. You can also specify the daily budget of a certain campaign or leaving it without entering any number if you want it limitless. However, if you prefer to specify the total budget it is up to you, perhaps it depends always on the budget you have or you are planning to spend. 

Clickaine Payment System

The least amount of money you need to have in your account as a publisher is 100 dollars to be able to payout. Also, they have various support of payment systems includes E-payments, Webmoney, PayPal, Epayservice, wire transfer, Paxum, and Bitcoin.
Payments are processed fast, so you can ask for daily payment by any network, cryptocurrency or wire transfer.

Clickaine Ad Network Customers Support

Customers’ support of Clickaine certainly always available and they respond fast even if you contact them with email. 
They have also ICQ and Skype if you prefer to chat with a professional detailing your problem or asking any question because they do not have a frequently asked question page. 

Terms, Conditions:

All persons registered with Clickaine ad network, advertisers or publishers are required to accept the Terms & Conditions.

Clickaine Ad Network ads can’t be placed on any blog or website that:

  • Provoking hateful, hate speech or containing illegal or inappropriate content. Content can be interpreted to anything includes without any limitation any software, texts, images, videos.
  • violates any visitor’s privacy or manipulation by any means resulting in any damage in any respects.
  • using copyrighted materials and intellectual property possessed by other persons.
  • Using content that is misleading or deceptive;
  • Contain malware, viruses or any other harmful programs in any form (software, scripts, etc.)

Partners are not permitted to use:

  • Using any mean or automated tool to produce false impressions.
  • Manipulating impressions using bots, page refreshing, or any automated tool programmed to generated false clicks or impressions.

Any advertiser or publisher that violate their terms listed above and detailed in the Terms and Conditions page will have a suspension for their accounts on Clickaine.
Also, the Clickaine ad network asks all advertisers for a copy of the identity or any equivalent document to protect the network against dishonest or harmful advertisers that might signup.
For more information about their Terms and Conditions follow this.

Referral Program

Clickaine Ad Network has a referral program that gives about 3% for any publisher who referred others from the total revenue they earn.
That is to say, if you refer to a huge amount of people you will be earning passive cash without needing to do a lot of effort. It is worth mentioning that the percent is a little bit lower than other competitor networks offer.
Therfore, You can promote your referral link using various social media platforms, email marketing, YouTube videos, etc.

CPM rates

They are not the best rate out there however they have still high CPM rates compared to other networks, especially, for tier 1, tier 2 countries. At the end of the day, the rates cannot be measured or compared accurately because they are completely dynamic based on the market and the need for the traffic.


  • Decent fill-rate compared to others
  • High CPM rates
  • Creating filters for certain buyers or websites.
  • Powerful email support, Telegram, Skype.
  • Referral program for a publisher with a good percent.


  • Huge minimum payout reaches 100 dollars.
  • Sometimes the traffic especially when placing a lot of targeting options could be limited.

Clickaine Ad Network For publishers:

Clickaine Ad Network Review 2019
Clickaine Ad Network Review 2019

# High CPM

They are a word-wide all in one solution for monetizing website traffic in all countries and territories.

# Safety

visitors experience is the most vital thing on your website, they do the best to deliver light ad codes that do never decrease the page loading time and 100% free of malware.

# Every and every day payouts upon request

Secure, fast and comfortable payment methods supported including PayPal, E-payments, Paxum, Webmoney, and Bitcoin.

# Personal Support

Their team certainly is professional, kind and respectful. they are willing to give support and help without any complain so do not hesitate to contact them for any problem.

they are willing to give support and help without any complain so do not hesitate to contact them for any problem.

# Campaigns

All campaigns are tested manually and automatically before going live. 

# Min. Bid settings

Give you the ability to control the price of the traffic you have.

# Transparency

For achieving maximum transparency, protection, and security, you will be able to see any advertiser buying the traffic you have.

# Real-time bidding

Clickaine is entirely Real-time bidding compatible.

Clickaine Ad Network For advertisers

Clickaine Ad Network Review 2019
Clickaine Ad Network Review 2019

# Ease of use even for beginners 

One of the most user-friendly platforms that convert complicated operations into easily doable tasks.

# Transparency and loyalty for customers come first

They guarantee were your ads will be placed thanks for the premium publisher list they have.

# Advanced ads formats

Ad formats engineered to boost your visibility throughout innovative ads such as; Popunder, Skimmed traffic, Prerolls, Video sliders, Banners or  Push Notifications.

# Money and time saving

Smart bidding platform engineered to be able to decrease the costs and the efficiency of the advertisement.

# One of the lowest deposits out there:

Everyone can advertise with Clickaine Ad Network, the minimum deposit is only 20 dollars! 

# Bids are affordable, start at 0.1 dollars!

The minimum bid is 0.1 Dollars! Which means that you pay per one thousand impression only 0.1dollars! 

# 24/7 customer support

Professional customer support is ready to help 24/7.


In conclusion, Clickaine Ad Network is a complete solution for both advertisers and publishers who wanted to monetize or to sell their traffic. considering the risks and the advantages that one’s get through gaining traffic from ads they offer an advanced platform that protects, secures both parties.

It works a complete solution for the advertiser and is willing to promote their websites or products thanks to the vast amount of options available for targeting as well as the advanced system to detect the fraudulent traffic.

Clickaine Ad Network always makes sure that offering high quality converting traffic, by filtering the fraudulent traffic and provide visitors of a real human, as well as having an anti-bot system and immediately suspending the dishonest users.

The only negative point that they have is that the payout is relatively high for small publishers which certainly in a need to get payed with a smaller amount to be able to reinvest or dedicating the small sums for other things that help them in optimizing their blogs or websites. 

However, evaluating the positive point and negative points for sure the advantages outnumber the downsides. For that, it can be considered as one of the best Real-time bidding networks in the adult ad market out there.

However, the benefits greatly outnumber the drawbacks. All of the above, combined with good CPM rates, makes Clickaine one of the best RTB adult ad marketplaces out there.

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