Content Marketing Strategies, The Importance Of Website Content

Content Marketing Strategies

A lot of people are trying to achieve a decent passive income doing blogs and / or online businesses as you are trying to do.

This might only happen if you have an online presence and you have some powerful backlinks pointing to your websites, you will start to see some sales and stable traffic if you are running ads such as Google AdSense.

You need to know that for making sales or lead, your main goal is to be able to achieve organic traffic, and for achieving it you have to rank well on the top of search engines result, particularly in the first two pages, the more the page ranks in the first in the SERPS result the more traffic you will have. However, it is really hard and time and effort consuming to having your website there on the top.

The web is vast, and every day different niches are becoming so saturated, and the competition becomes more and more, so it is really hard to get your search engines to look at your site while there are very powerful websites that have great link profile, best keyword phrases, and authoritativeness.

Different content such as images, video, animated graphs are really good to have them on your website however if you have rubbish content and shitty content marketing strategies, what they only do is to make your website load slower and they won’t add any value or authority to it. In other words, you could buy some images or graphs that help to support your content or you could hire someone to do achieve you best graphical results, however, if your ultimate goal will stop there I am afraid to tell you that a huge part of your effort is at vain

Content is the king and the content marketing strategies should be always placed in the first considerations. And what contend stands for is the written part of your website. Search engines have become smarter with the advancing of technology to rank images and videos by recognizing their element, recognizing graphs and sound, however, I think it will still take decades to be at the same level as to how the search engines bot can analyze the texts and the links.

So think it like this, you can have the most beautiful website graphically on the web, and you can have also the fastest server response, however if you have no content or bad content nobody will visit your website, people searching looking for there interesting, some answer for their questions, some solutions for problems, not for a beautiful fast websites that contains nothing that have a value!

Some website might have been constructed on a powerful expensive domain expired domain, and they might still getting traffic from search engines although they have only some boring animated pictures as an example, however the high-quality content enables you to achieve loyal visitors in the present and giving you the possibility to be able to promote your website in the future throughout a passive traffic that never ends, so in the long run although it might be not easy to write great content as well as having in the head a minimum idea to plan a strong content marketing strategies throughout buying them for instance, although it is really expensive to purchase handwritten articles, it’s still worth the pain on the long run to have free organic targeted traffic to your website that it is the type of the traffic that is the most valuable and the highest when it comes to quality. so a good idea, if you are serious about your own business, is to invest buying bulk content, for example, 50 handwritten articles are more than enough to jump-start your online presence.

After a long experience in e-marking and SEO I figured out, that a lot of high-quality handwritten educational material or a high-quality article that fits the needs of a lot of people and answer their questions and gives solutions for their problems is really the key for passive income and infinite success weather it was for products you are selling or for Google AdSense.

The higher quality and quantity the content you have the more possibility to rank in the top search engine results that go for sure side by side with having a plan or a powerful content marketing strategy.

Notice there a lot of websites that are from the top 10 in the world that they are not aesthetically appealing that much, however, they have the highest domain authority in the globe. For example, Google gives infinite answers for questions, infinite high-quality articles, maps, business directory, ads for business growth, free video service (YouTube) and much much more, Msn and bing are the same, eBay provides products and connect the world with ease and making the purchases affordable and save with their eBay guarantee ( if you are not receiving what you want, your money will be refunded ), and if you look and think you will find all those websites do not have exceptional beauty but their services are high quality.

So, the question now, where can I find high-quality, unique content?

The first simple answer is to write your content yourself, at least you feel your character in the language of the content written and after reaching a decent number of articles on your blog you will feel very proud and enthusiast for the great job you have already done! At the same time, it won’t cost you more than time spent to write and efforts while if you would prefer to buying them it or hire someone it would cost a hell of money since a high-quality article ranges between 50-200 dollars each!

While writing your content you need always to create a balance between the information in your category, so you do not have to concentrate always on same aspects abandoning other categories that might be very helpful for your audience interest, keep it professional and various and cover always all the categories that represent part of your targeted niche.

SEO and SEM are not an impossible skill to learn, it needs time and patience as well as it is as any learning process, it is gradual and accumulative, and as you start to learn it well you will see yourself some miracles to your business start to happen.

I was not trying to tell you that you should just ignore and designing aspects, just choose the right theme and best website functionalities that fit your costumer’s or visitor’s needs and you are ready to go.

this article was about how to start creating beautiful quality content and content marketing strategies accentuates having a marketing plan to jump-start your business, so it is your choice, you can invest time and effort, or you can invest instead money to instantly start your online presence.

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