FluidStack: Earn money with your bandwidth ! passive income

FluidStack? What is it?

In this article I will review Fluidstack in a breif way hope you enjoy reading.

FLuidStack is a cloud-based system that depends exclusively on serving and delivering content throughout a network that contains connected client devices instead of using the cloud-based fast servers that are unaffordable for many.

Their concept relies on serving websites throughout unused hardware and bandwidth of users and utilizes them positively to benefit both parties participated with their network.

Their concept is delivering huge unutilized hardware and bandwidth availability world wildly throughout their cloud platform meant to work as a distributor for both bandwidth and hardware capabilities to contribute to minimalizing the costs of the and distribute the improvements of the performance all around the globe.

In other words, it is something very passive, user-friendly and a brand-new concept to deliver the wasted bandwidth and hardware capabilities for those who do not own it or for the businesses that need more resources.

It is as easy as registering a profile and installing a node which is a very small software and activating the UPnP in the router or internet modem settings.

The software was engineered to detect the pc resources and the internet configurations, and everything should be going more than well since the UPnP is activated by default on a major part of modems.

FluidStack support Desktops and laptops or any device have an active internet connection and computing capabilities however the team is still working on developing the tablet and smartphone app.

Is It Safe to Use FluidStack?

As I recently mentioned the whole idea about FluidStack is to utilize the computing capabilities and your bandwidth when the computer not in use, and when it is in use, the software consumption will automatically get adjusted to not slow down your connection or daily tasks, it is also perfect to keep your pc own while you sleep so the software would be able to fully utilize the computer and the connection capabilities to the peak.

So, the software is only using the processor and the bandwidth and it does not collect your files or information or monitor your computer activities.

After I installed the software, I scanned it with Norton antivirus and Malwarebytes and neither of them has detected any threats.

FluidStack is not software to mine cryptocurrencies or business to sell your data, it is a noble project trusted by many businesses and persons, dedicated to serving websites data throughout the networks of its partner’s systems and connections.

Electricity Consumption:

FluidStack unlike cryptocurrencies mining, does not consume anything more than what you do when you use your computer daily for normal tasks such as writing, navigating the web, etc.

So it does not add extra costs to your electricity bill more than the usual use. On the other hand, the payment of FluidStack is engineered to be you more than what you consume.

The team of FluidStack promises that if you have problems with the electricity bill, they are willing to compensate you every dime you spent.

Supported Countries:

FluidStack currently supports all countries and territories, it does not matter where you are, what is matter is having a pc with an active internet connection.

How Do We Use Your Computer?

Your computer will be joined to a huge number of thousands of computers that work as a unique body in the cloud anonymously. It will be used for scientific researches and video streaming that requires a lot of computing power, CDN, proxies for web scrapping.

•    Proxies:

 using your pc with thousands of others to help business owners in producing artificial intelligence and statistics as well as contributing to web scrapping as a service.

•    CPU:

it contributes to scientific research as well as in video transcoding that requires a lot of system resources.

•    CDN or Content Delivery Networks:

 helping webmasters accelerating their blogs and websites through content delivery served to users on devices near their browsing area.

•    Video streaming:

 help in getting access to video streaming services and optimize it for the user aiming for a better experience.

You have all the liberty to choose to opt-in in the choices above, the more you opt-in the more you will able to maximize your revenue.

Does It Consume Computer Hardware or Impact Performance?

The software does not impact performance at all. It only works whenever the computer is Idle. And the costs of electricity are as little as the normal use.

System Requirements

•    Microsoft window 7,8,10 64X, Linux (Ubuntu).

•    Desktop computer or laptop of it can stays online over 12 hours.

•    At least 2 Gigabytes or Ram.

•    At least upload speed more than 1 Mbps.

•    VPSs and VMS are not allowed nor get paid.

Forwarding ports of your router

you can forward ports of your modem through letting all the traffic get transfer throughout your pc.

The default IP address for many routers is, the user name and password are for both ‘admin’.

The things to do when the node is not showing on the dashboard:

Usually, it takes no time for the node to get activated however it might also require several hours so it is wise to install the node ad night so the next day it will be ready.

If you do not see the node properties in your dashboard after several hours means that you might have to follow these troubleshooting steps:

•    Check your firewall by adding a rule to allow the incoming and outgoing connections for the node, you might also want to temporarily disable your antivirus or add an exception.

•    Make sure the UPnP option is probably activated in your router configurations.

•    Try to reboot your windows and relaunch the node.

•    If nothing works you might need to reinstall the node or trying the manual port forwarding.

The availability is zero!

FluidStack dashboard always shows how was the availability on the previous day, so when you newly install the node it is natural that it results in zero availability.

What does availability stand for?

Availability in simple words represents the number of times your pc gets connected to FluidStack servers, so you might have your pc turned on 24/7 and you might get the availability lower than 100.

Some reasons might be behind low availability such as:

  • Low internet bandwidth or poor connection.
  • Dedicating your bandwidth for other heavy tasks such as video streaming, downloading and uploading huge files.

Therefore, the more you use it, the lower the availability might result.

the node process might have been terminated by a user or by other software such as antivirus or blocked by the firewall.

  • The node software might have crashed or need reinstallation.
  • In very rare cases FluidStack servers have downtime, so it might be temporarily caused by that.

It is recommended when you need to reinstall the node, to uninstall it first using this uninstaller.

Payment Amount

The payment rate depends on your bandwidth, the more internet speed you offer the more you will get paid and as I said the more ‘availably’ you have the more money you will be making.

Here is a list of estimated rates based on the connection speed

From 1 to 10 Megabyte/s, you get 2.5 dollars a month.

From 10 to 100 Megabyte /s you get 10 dollars monthly.

Over 100 Megabyte/s you will get paid 5 dollars for every 50 Megabyte / second every month up to 50 dollars, depending on also on the availability and all that earning keeping a pc opened.

A good strategy is to install a windows 64 bit on an old pc you have and install only the node on it and keep it opened all the year so you will be earning the day and the night at the same rate.

It’s worth mentioning that when you opt-out from available service this might negatively impact your earnings.

Payment Method

We currently support PayPal as a payment method, you need to make sure that you signed up to FluidStack with the same email you used as a PayPal account.

The minimum payout is 5 dollars if you do not arrive at this amount of money in a certain month, your earning will be carried to the next month and you’ll get paid altogether.

If PayPal is not available in your country you might want to write an email to the customer’s support of FluidStack so they can arrange a manual payment that fits your needs.

If you receive an email from FluidStack financial office that you were paid, but the amount was not deposited in your PayPal, you might want to send an email to them with a screenshot attached to the email you received.

Referral Program

FluidStack currently has a modest referral program that pays you on dollars basis, not on percent, FluidStack users hope that it will be changed to a percent basis so users will be earning passively on the long run as a fixed percent from the people they refer.

Currently, FluidStack pays 5 dollars for every person you refer to. The payment will be accredited to your account as soon as the user signup and INSTALL THE NODE. It is not enough to be able to get sign-ups, FluidStack needs real active users with active nodes installed on their PC’s, so don’t bother buying fake sign-ups.

You can sign up for FluidStack here.

Final thoughts:

Fluidstack is a great way to earn some cash passively, you won’t get rich, but you still be able to make up to 50 dollars a month without doing nothing! All you need to do is installing a very small software the occupies not more than 5 Megabyte disk space! from my experience, if you dedicate an old pc with 64x windows, you will be earning a decent amount of money to dedicate to other projects you have online.

I have paid from the FluidStack’s earning a bill, I renew three domain names, brought SSL certificate for my website, and I brought a stellar shared hosting plan from Namecheap. It is not that bad, Right?

Some other network such as Honeygain works the same way… however, they pay incredibly less amount of money. You can use both services to maximize your earning potentials. You can sign up for Honeygain here.

Ps. If you are concerned about getting blocked from other ‘GET PAID To’ websites’, you might want to contact us to update your blocklist.

Here is the actual current list: 

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