This will be a detailed guide on how to rank youtube videos, estimated reading time: 33 minutes, 45 seconds.


Hello, in this detailed guide I will talk to you about how to optimize your videos before making your you two videos live so in this first part you can consider it as an introduction to you to search engine optimization.

So, I want to first start by saying the goal is to focus on doing the right amount of keyword research and the file automation before actually uploading any of it to YouTube.

So essentially this is all about what most people forget about doing before making their you video live.

Because if you think about it, most people think about okay, what do I do after I upload this video.

They don’t think about what they have to do before making it live. 

So, this is not about what you can do afterward as that is a different focus, rather before, so besides simple optimization, you need to know that YouTube ranks the videos that people watch the longest.

Meaning let’s say for example that we have a ten-minute video.

YouTube looks at that video, they look yes at the likes dislikes and comments but they also look at, do people watch most of this video?

And based on let’s say a thousand views how many of those a thousand views watched either fifty percent or a hundred percent or how many minutes total a thousand times, how many minutes were watched.

So, they look at how long people watch the videos as a whole.

Meeting the more viewers and the longer that they watch that will get you ranking further and further up.

So instead of focusing on you know spammy tactics tons of backlinks and all that, our goal here is to focus on the user experience. so, what I want to do now is give you a quick overview of what’s inside this simple guide. 

The next part of this guide is going to be about competitive research or in other words researching your competitors to kind of get a better idea of why you two are ranking those videos.

In the third part, we’ll be talking about highly searched keyword terms and how you can find those for your product or service or whatever you’re trying to promote. Next, we’ll talk about your title in your description.

After that, we will talk about video file optimization so we’re going to optimize the actual file because each file has essential information in it.

And next, we will talk about why your thumbnail is important and how to make a professional and good looking.

After that, we’ll be talking about video length and why that matters, we talk briefly about it just now but I’m going to dive in deeper in that later on.

and of course, last but not least I’m going to give you a secret tip on how to outrank your competitors at the end of this guide.

So, before we get started, I want to talk about what you need to have in hand.

You’re going to need your product or service.

And an idea of the niche that you are targeting.

You also need to have a video that is ready to be uploaded.

With that said let’s move on to the second step.



So, let’s talk about competitive research.

You see the best way to understand how you can rank better is to know what is already ranking in your niche or your market so what we want to do here is we want to analyze the videos that are on the top and I want you to specifically look at what titles, what descriptions are they using, and what thumbnails are they using that is eye-catching.

And what is the user experience would be when someone clicks through those videos.

So, let’s go ahead in do some competitive research.

So, for the sake of making sure that we find YouTube videos that relate to promoting a product, what I want to do now is just to pick a product out of the blue and let’s take a look at YouTube.

one product that I’ve been using for a while now which has been awesome is called the ‘instant pot’.

It’s a pressure cooker that cooks food at a really fast rate.

So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to hop on over to and we’re going to type in instant pot and see what we get.

So, I’m not going to click enter just yet because I’m interested in getting an idea of what kind of potential keywords that we could rank or what potential videos that we can create and we’ll talk more about this after. 

But for now, let’s just do some basic keyword brainstorming and then, of course, do some competitive research. 

So, the instant pot we get instant pot recipes, instant pot rips, instant pot roast, etc.

 So, now I can see how to use instant pot has three hundred sixteen thousand views.

And next here ‘instant pot chicken’.

Next Top six is the easiest thing to cook in your instant pot | perfect for beginners.

All right so let’s just take a look at the top three so let’s go ahead and open those up,

and let me analyze the so the first one is this one here.

”How to Use an Instant Pot -Beginner level”, so if we think about the type of audience that the instant pot attracts, we’ll notice that it attracts somebody who has a busy life, or maybe a beginner at cooking, and just wants a quick and easy meal done fast. 

One thing that I like to do is I like to copy the titles to notepad just kind to get an idea of what we’re dealing with.

It looks like she’s promoting an Amazon affiliate link I can see that here we’ve got instant pot hacks, instant pot gilder… 

So, what she’s doing it’s very funny but she may not realize she’s doing this but what she’s using is a method that she’s telling you that not only I have this video on the instant pot, I’ve got instant pot hacks, yogurt recipes, and other recipes.

Scroll down a bit we’ve got three hundred seventy-three comments, I would say, when it comes to you too, they’re looking for engagement. so, comments are good like are good even dislikes are good as well, even though, dislikes are bad from a human standpoint it tells you that there are engagements.

all right so sometimes we’re going to be able to more data, we can dig deeper if we want to. so, let’s just take a look at Naturally Brittany YouTube channel, because when you’re doing a competitive research on YouTube, you are not just doing that particular video, it’s actually the whole YouTube channel as a whole the authority that channel holds, so she has a hundred fifty thousand subscribers, she has a good amount of videos that talk about anything looks like from cooking from budgeting from grocery a lot of very similar videos.

Yeah and now let’s go ahead and take a look at the second-highest-ranking video so if you go back over here in this is the instant pot chicken, cook with me, meal planning, meal prepping Sunday set up so let’s go here take a look.

So, it’s a twenty-minute video all right and it has six hundred fifty-eight likes five thousand views we take a look at this video here this is three hundred to twenty thousand views and the seven thousand likes. 

So, we’ll talk more about that why a certain amount of time of your video is important why the timing is important and why is it that this lady has only five thousand views where’s the other lady has three hundred thousand and this lady is ranked right below that late all right so why is that important in why does that correlate to the time, so we’ll talk more about that later on. 

but for now let’s just do competitive research we’re not trying to figure things out right now and go from there so if we take a look at the description says cook with me as I try a new recipe with instant pot so the description contains the key work Sunday set up also and looks like she’s got some Amazon links.

And if we think about instant pot who could it be targeting ? all right so this lady calls out people who are trying to prep on Sunday so if we can get an idea of who is targeting is targeting…

she is targeting mothers, busy people, who maybe only have time on Sundays to set things up and chicken is a common thing so maybe she’s getting a lot of clicks. For sure we don’t know exactly, but we know that the headline and the description work together and getting clicks.

while the third one is eight minutes but it has a lot more views than those other two videos but it’s shorter and shorter but has a longer amount of views. it’s got eleven thousand likes in six hundred thirty-three dislikes and it has more comments than the first one.

So, why is it that the first one is number one and this one is the third one it has more views and more comments! well, we don’t know exactly why but I have a hunch as to why that is which we’ll talk more about ranking and what Google and YouTube are looking for later down the road.

So, that’s what lets I am going to copy the title and I’m going to copy and paste that information to the Notepad. 

So, we have this information so as our kind of analyzing the competitor, we want to save this for later, but can you kind of see a similarity in the data so the first is calling out the target audience.

The second is calling out the busy people essentially and the top six ways, top X. ways top certain number ways, is always a good title so perfect for beginners.

So, if you can imagine we already see that the first title has the word beginners, the second is calling out perfect for beginners and the third one essentially is calling out busy people.

So, it’s a target audience so that’s key so having this in hand gives you a better idea of what potential titles and descriptions that you can have. now you can do some deeper dive competitive research using specific tools and one specific tool is called social blade so that I like to use this tool to kind of get a better idea of the YouTube channel as a whole. because what you’re trying to figure out is did this person rank because their channel as a whole has a lot of traffic? or did this person ranks simply because of the titles and the description? so many factors come involved but let’s take a look at Naturally Brittany so we can check the channel parameters and authority.

So, I see that this is Naturally Brittany has one hundred sixteen thousand subscribers she’s got nineteen million video views so that kind of gives us an idea of how easy it is to breakthrough. is it easy is going to be will take a little bit of work? Then we need to just go on and review other video statics.

So, this one is marriage and motherhood, so she is seven million video views so is about half of what we saw earlier.

The next one called sisters six sisters’ stuff and this one have about nine million video views!

So, right off the bat, I see that if I were to rank on the keyword ‘instant pot’ it is going to take a lot to breakthrough, but the way we need to follow is to use longer tail keywords that have the essensial keyword that we are targeting, in other words we use subcategories of the main.

So instant pot recipes or instant pot chicken recipe stuff like that so we can see that each one of these has about a hundred to two hundred thousand subscribers so you’re going to have to be competing against that. Now obviously if you have a good size youtube channel that will usually mean that you can break through fairly easily. but if you’re just starting then breaking through on that keyword is going to be far more difficult. so, the next question is what keywords should you use?


Keywords and tags

let’s talk about highly searched keyword terms and how you can figure out what your main keyword is going to be and what your sub-keywords are going to be.

So, one mistake that many YouTubers make is simply making their title and description! I mean it’s something natural right?

But instead of deciding what you think will work why not use what is already working and do some simple keyword research that’s not going to take a lot of time in a way that you’ll be able to have the right information that will help you rank on the right keywords.

Now the question is well how do I find these keywords.

The best way to find highly search keyword terms is to look at the Google suggested keywords and they are suggested for one reason because they are used a lot so let me tell you how to find them and what they look like.

from analyzing the top three videos to kind of get an idea of what the titles were what the descriptions were if we look at the three and we refer back to this, the question is what are the commonalities between the titles?? the keyword instant pot but we also noticed that the top one and the third one they all have the keyword ‘beginners’.

So, ‘beginners’ and instant pot, instant pot for beginners, so if we go to and we type in ‘instant pot’, we get a drop-down which called the suggested keywords.

And you’ll see this in you’ll see this in and other major search engines. it is simply that have high search volume by users.

So, in other words, if a lot of people are searching for these keywords then they’ll show up in the drop-down menu. 

So, instant pot chicken happens to be a very high search term, so that means there’s a lot of people searching for instant pot chicken and that might be why this second video is ranking so high.

Thumbnails are also key to attract more clicks and eventually increase the watch time. So got top six easiest things to cook in your instant pot and also a as an instant pot user I really didn’t know what recipes were out there that would fit the instant pot because the instant pot the way it cooks is a pressurizes the food and you need a little bit of liquid inside it to pressurize.

So, what I was doing is I was looking for recipes that were specifically made for the instant pot.

So, a lot of these people that are coming here don’t know. they’re just looking for recipes.

So, the thirty instant pot recipes give people an idea okay I’ve got thirty recipes that I can pick and choose from. 

So, if I scroll down this is instant pot culture all right so if we go back here so is the pot chicken is definitely a top one instant pot spaghetti, how to use an instant pot, instant pot cheesecake, yogurt, beef, stew, whole chicken rice, and instant pot roast, so these are highly searched keywords. now if I hop over to Google and see what we get do we get the same thing? to get something different?

So, if you go to Google and you type in the same thing instant pot we can see that we’ve got instant pot recipes, instant pot chicken, so notice that the chicken and the roast beef for the pot roast seem to appear both in Google and in YouTube, so whenever you see that that’s a good sign.

Because you have to understand, people searching and YouTube are very different than people searching in Google, they don’t show the same thing but if they do that gives you an idea that if you rank on that term that you’ll be able to get traffic from both Google and YouTube.

So, another place to find Google suggested keywords terms is to go all the way down to the bottom.

Now, these are specifics all right these are searches related to the instant pot. 

So, let’s just type in instant pot chicken and see what else we get so I can notice when I type instant pot chicken it gives me a more detailed view of the other keywords that are related so, for example, instant pot chicken recipes chicken rice chicken noodle soup, chicken thighs, chicken bog, chicken breast recipes, chicken wings, and chicken, a lot of these are actually appearing that are the same.

You need to keep in mind that if you rank high on the main keyword then you could potentially rank on the other smaller keywords as well so that gives you an idea that what titles to create and what keywords to target so you could potentially make.

In what I would do is grab the previously pulled key words.

The what we want to do is we want to have the main keyword. And then we want to have sub-keywords so the make you were here.

So, the main keyword would be instant pot chicken, and then the other ones would be instant pot chicken and potatoes and all the rest of the keywords we have found.

So, having these in hand we’ll give you a better idea of how to go about creating your titles in your description so that you can target specific key works. and that you’re not like any other YouTuber who has simply made up titles and descriptions just out of your head so this way you can be strategic and rank effectively.



Now we’re going to talk about your title in your description.

So, let’s take what you have gathered in the previously and let me tell you how to properly create your titles and descriptions.

So, when it comes to creating titles and descriptions, we simply need to do what we did in the previous videos which were the competitive research and here we have the video is one two and three the top number one number two and number three, and of course, we have the main keyword. so, this main keyword going to be in the title and of course if you noticed the target audience was beginners.

so essentially as we noticed, that people are calling out the audience and then, of course, they have the keyword in the title itself and of course, you want to make sure that title main keyword and target audience is also going to be in your description.

Now what I like to do is I like to go look at magazines in that niche it doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly in this case ‘instant pot’ but it needs to be somewhat relevant.

now one thing that I noticed was when we took a look at the instant pot chicken you could write out something like Top Six Easiest Things So Instead Of Things you could say Chicken Recipes or Pot Roast Recipes To Cook In Your Instant Pot instead of the word ‘things’ or you say something like Instant Pot Chicken | Top Six Easy Recipes or you can use a number people like numbers especially knowing that somebody gets into the pot for the sake of saving time, so you can say. Top Six Easiest Chicken Recipes That Take Less Than Thirty Minutes now obviously you have a little bit long so let’s head on over to Google here so like I said I like to eat use magazines, magazines do a great job in creating titles so here I typed instant pot magazine and to the right you’ll notice that.

So, we can see Instant Pot All-Time Best Recipes so you could do something like All-Time Best Chicken Recipes where is the Chicken Pot | All-Time Best Chicken Recipes or

 All-Time Best Chicken Instant Pot Recipes.

So, when finding the right title in free magazines, obviously here we’re not going to copy word for word because that’s plagiarism but we’re going to you something different we’re gone tweak it around what we’re looking here is four headlights.

So, You Can Also Make It as This:  Every Day Instant Pot 115 Delicious Friendly Fresher Pressure Cooker So Is It Recipes or every day instant pots| six delicious family pressure cooker recipes so every day instant pot chicken as long as the word instant pot chicken is in there.

Yes, believe it or not, instant pot can cook something like a pot roast within less than an hour we’re sometimes half an hour because it’s a pressure cooker cooks a lot faster.

So, that’s what I like to do is I’d like to take a look at magazines so it doesn’t necessarily have to be instant pot in this example it can be another food magazine.

So, essentially that’s how to create the titles as far as the description goes if you take a look at.

Speaker 0: What they’ve written here the first one that’s wrecking really well as we can see here we’ve got instant pot one for beginners so you’ll notice that they are trying to target the keyword instant pot one for beginners so they’ve stated that in the title and they’ve also put it in the description this is everything you need to know about how to use the instant pot in a beginner instant pot recipes.

so noticed that they use the keyword beginner instant pot twice. and then, of course, to get instant pot hacks instant pot yogurt and what they’re centrally doing here’s their linking to other related videos.

now Google smart enough and you too smart enough to have an algorithm to read the description and think okay they’ve got other videos that they’ve created that are related to the instant pot.

this video must be good or this channel must have a lot of relevant information so we’re going to rank it a little bit higher because it’s going to give people what they want to see.

So, now we look down here’s his instant pot chicken so this is the lady whose ranking high on instant pot but also instant pot chicken so is this cook with me as I try a new recipe with my instant pot. so, I see the keyword instant pot here.

And as you can see the description is written for the user but it contains the necessary keywords.

So, you don’t need to write something like instant pot chicken or something that’s just a bunch of garbled information.

you want to make sure that the title in the description attracts people first and foremost and then places the keywords within in a way that makes sense for the users and the SEO as well.

So this today I’m sharing with you the six easiest things to cook in your instant pot so you can see here the title is here but the title is also in the description this is now these are perfect if you are just starting out or even had the instant pot for a while.

So, you can see the keywords that placed but it’s written for the user and that’s the way it should be because the title and the description will show up in the youtube search engine as you see here.

So, you got the title we’ve got the description so when I make sure that the first sentence in your description is catchy as well.



talk about video file optimization.

Did you know that all files contain data that tells you what your video could be about?

The ways that you to get an idea of what your videos about is by transcribing it and for the most part you can usually figure out what your video is all about if you have a voice and speaking in it.

now you can go one step further by adding what we called video file metadata.

It’s very similar to website metadata so for example if you right-click on any website and you click on view page source.

Up at the top, you’re going to see a lot of what we call metadata.

So, right there you can see the name the title, the description, and all that information.

So, what that does is it tells Google essentially what your website is all about so very similar in this case of what we have to do here.

So, what we have to do here is we are taking the video file that you have created and including more data with more information so besides the title and description YouTube will learn more about the video throughout the meta data included and determins how well it should rank.

Now it’s really hard to find software out there that allows you to embed metadata except for a few.

So, one of them is called video converter bite Wondershare.

So, if you go here and you go ahead and download up at the top you will be able to embed metadata we’re going to be using that for this here as an example.

now there is other software out there like the Adobe Bridge software which allows you to embed the metadata into your video the reason why I’m using Wondershare is that I feel like it’s a lot easier to use.

So, if you go ahead and download this.

what I did was I click add files And I chose the file.

Now there’s a lot of things that you can change about the video but what was particularly interested in is the eye icon. 

So, click this eye icon and you’re going to see: Name, language, episode name, actors, director, screenwriter, tagline, description, and comments.

So, what I recommend is you try to complete them all as much as you can.

so episode name actors so that would be whoever is in the video is director of the screenwriter which could be you and then the tagline what I would do is a tagline be your title and then the description your description so whatever you’re an upload to you to put this as a title and put this as a description and then for comments I would put something like keywords.

Now you need to save and that’s it, you are done.

that’s the reason why we’re using video converter because it’s just so much easier with adobe bridge it’s easy to but there’s a lot of more options and very easy to get confused.

So, once you’re done with that you see the video your video has the metadata inside of it and I have to do is simply upload it to YouTube and that’s it.



We’ll talk about your thumbnail and why it is important.

You see since our goal is to get more clicks or more views to your you to video, we have to rely on attracting viewers.

so, if you think about it the thumbnail is the first thing people see as the scanning to find what interests them the most.

so, in other words, if you think about if you go to YouTube dot com you type in a keyword, you’re going to see all the results with thumbnails the titles the descriptions and all that.

so that’s the first thing that they see.

So, let’s discuss what your thumbnail should contain and what’s working in your market and how to figure that out.

So, when it comes to having a thumbnail you want to make sure that it is eye-catching meaning it shows somebody what they want so if INSTANT POT CHICKEN is the main keyword you want to make sure that your thumbnail has something in it that entices them.

so it’s good to have the keyword or the title in it so you can see right now the way you two works is they have an initial title or an initial thumbnail and then after that, you can see motion so if I put my mouse over it you can see part of the video.

Which makes it a lot more engaging.

So, as we stroll down the initial thumbnail that this woman uses is the instant pot.

And this one here says instant pot recipes.

So I see ones at the top have the instant pot in it or a word that’s chicken or a picture that has chicken in it so it fits the key work now if you’re not professional thumbnail artists or anything like that there are different sites that you can use to get these created.

it now bear in mind that you never want to use a thumbnail that clicks Beatty or that lies to somebody because if they click on it and then the video is nothing like the thumbnail then guess what you might get tons and tons of clicks and perhaps views but you’re not going to get people watching your video which is very important which we’ll discuss later on.

But for now, there are different elements that you need so what I recommend is you go to a site called, there are other sites like but over time we’ve realized the creative market has a lot of really good design.

so, what we can do here is in the search box we’re going to typing YouTube Thumbnail.

And we’re looking specifically for the templates that we can use for the thumbnail sources YouTube thumbnail pack let’s go ahead and open that.

This one here.

There are N. cards but that’s a little bit different than comes at the very end of your video.

So, we got urban thumbnails.

Different types of thumbnails.

But the reason why I like to create a market is buying it templates for specifically YouTube thumbnails are going to make your life a lot easier especially if you can make it professional, the more professional it looks the more professional, the more your viewers will click through.

We can kind of get an idea of what we’re dealing with.

And here are more thumbnails as well.

Now over time, we’ve realized with you too thumbnails more designs are becoming minimalistic meaning it’s not too fancy but it’s got just enough information to tell the person what it is all about.

so, it could have tax to could have pictures but you need to know what she has to video is about before you can create your thumbnail.

I recommend that you create your you to video first and then you create your thumbnail so that you can make sure that you tracked the right person.

now what we found a little bit of a technique is to create a thumbnail that is related to essentially the end.

meaning if you’re creating an instant pot chicken recipe you might want to show the chicken already cooked.

so essentially what people get if they click through so that way people think oh okay this looks really nice I’m going to click through and they’re more likely to actually watch all the way through to the end and that’s what we want we want people not just click through but to watch all the way till the end and that’s actually going to help us with the ranking.



Let’s talk about video length in more depth.

So, the big question is how long should your video be.

Well yes, most folks have said that your video should be short due to attention span and that’s something that we’ve talked about in the past and that definitely worked in the past and that still is true that people’s attention span is short.

However nowadays, YouTube gives more value to longer video. The video should be longer, and here’s why…  

Did you know that you too bye rank your video based on how many minutes your viewer watches, we have talked briefly about this before.

But I want to talk about why that is the case.

statistically speaking most people that we have found.

Based on the statistics that we have seen in you too most people watch about fifty percent of a video.

Even the people that are interested in the video, they watch fifty percent of the video.

So, if that, in this case, is a five-minute video an average viewer is only going to watch about two point five minutes.

Now here’s why that is important if you’re competing against someone who has a thirty-minute video, and their viewers watch fifteen minutes which is about fifty percent, well guess what even if they can have last viewers then you, they’re going to be you because they have a longer video.

So, if you got the 2.5, they’ve got the fifteen minutes they can send fewer people and still beat you.

And YouTube will favor them in the end now that of course is assuming that the views or legitimate and people are watching. And that’s why user experience is so important.

So, to give you some real-life practical application let’s search over to YouTube and I’m going to discuss with you, proof that this works.

Okay so let’s take what we learned and what we just discussed and apply it to some real-life practical application.

so, if we head on back over to and we type in the keyword INSTANT POT RECIPES, we can see the first three ranked results and then we open this up.

The first one has about roughly eight minutes or nine minutes will say nine minutes.

The second one has about twenty-seven minutes and the third one has about twenty minutes.

Okay, so essentially, the second and third have about double the amount of time.

So, what we talked about most people what’s about fifty percent or less and then they quit that’s the average.

So, if that’s the case this person here even though they have more views see that eight hundred thousand views even though they have more views the competing with somebody with a thirty-minute video essentially is twenty-seven or twenty-eight but close to thirty.

So, if you’re around that will just say this is ten this is thirty and this is twenty.

Alright? so, let’s keep it at even number so if that’s the case these are four minutes here.

Fifteen minutes here and ten minutes here.

So, this means that the person with the smaller number of minutes they’re going to need a lot more views and a lot more people watching it.

So in total, What I’m saying here is because YouTube looks at how many minutes are watched if this person had eight hundred thousand views and this person had only half of that amount, but had more than double this amount this person right here would most likely rank higher so see that only a hundred thousand views and Fifteen minutes.

This one here twenty minutes only six thousand views.

So, you might ask well should this be maybe number one?

Well, not necessarily. We’ve got a hundred times, four minutes and that’s not going to be exact I mean we could even take five hundred, and this is going to be number one.

And this is going to be in number two based on the information.

But this person because they have a long enough video even though they have less amount of views he still able to rank pretty high.

So, this is based on one of our YouTube channels which have over nine million minutes watched and based on that’s what we see.

Now there are other factors like likes, dislikes, comments, and other things like that titles, descriptions. But that’s a big huge ranking factor because it legitimately tells Google and you too Hey these two videos are legit, not only people are clicking on it they’re doing it and they’re viewing at least about fifty percent on average.

So that’s why the video length is important, now you don’t want to make a long video just to make a long video, you want to make a video that has really good content and that’s the goal is not based on spammy backlinks or anything like that it’s based on providing real value.



I just want to say congratulations on reaching the end of this guide course, I know it was long and hard to read.

Now we’re going to talk about a secret tip that you can use to outrank your competitors.

So, we briefly talked about why having a longer video is important. 

 One secret tip that I can give you, based on what we have found that works are the following…

Longer videos in the sense of live streams, which means you get on YouTube and you talk to people live, you have webinars replays, and videos where people expect them to be longer.

So, in other words, people are expecting these to be longer if you make a normal video that people expect to be five minutes and you make an hour then you’re not going to hit that fifty percent.

But when you have a live stream or weapon a replay usually people typically expected to be at least one hour.

 So, because people expected to be one hour or longer, they expect to take time out of their busy schedule to watch your longer video.

And what we have found is that this works well compared to the average video.

So, let’s discuss what you need to do in terms of software or even web applications that you need to create live streams and webinar replays.

So, to create a YouTube live stream, you’re going to need to have a broadcasting software.

There are many, you can go to YouTube and type in live stream and how to set it up and there’s a lot of videos on that.

But this particular one that we have used and that has worked well for us, it’s called open broadcaster software and its free best of all and that is located at so as you will see, there are versions for windows, mac, and Linux. 

So, it’s simply as easy as downloading and you can start streaming.

So, the reason why you need the software is basically what it does is it connects to the YouTube live stream system, and when you’re ready you click record and you’re good to go.

Now I’m not going to go in-depth on how to use this product simply because there are so many different options and so many different ways of using it.

Now like I said the tip is when outranking your competitors to have longer videos. this is good for kind of a face to face talking head type long video now if you want to use a camera you can do that if you want to do something like screen capture in other words, you are going to show your screen, then you need to use something like gotowebinar. 

And you can go to to do that.

Another tool that we have used which as for now is free, and who knows it could change. So, it is good to have. Gotowebinar does not cost money, but it’s a nice way to kind of engage with people so this is the route that you would have to go with if you are engaging with people. 

However, if you’re not engaging with people you want to simply do a screen capture. there is a tool called use Loom that is amazing.

Here is their website:

Loom is essentially a Freemium software that allows you to record your screen.

It’s super easy to use it’s super fast that you can start recording within seconds. When you’re done, you’ll have the video in hand and you can save the actual video file to your computer easily.

So, those are the three options that I would go to and depends on the Avenue that you want to take.

so, like I said create a longer video but just don’t create any content to make sure that the content is valuable because you want to make sure that people watch all the way through or if not what’s at least fifty percent.

Hope you enjoy reading this guide, for any question please feel free to post on the comments section below.

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