Things You Can Do Today to Increase Website Sales in 2019

this is small useful guide done to explain how to Increase website sales through out doing some online behaviours to evantully boost your revenue and online presence.


Website sales optimization can greatly increase your sales and is easy and not expensive to do.

You likely spent a lot of money to get your website up and running.

You also probably spent another load of cash getting your site primed for search engine optimization. But, if your main focus in online sales, you may need to consider website sales optimization.

Website sales optimization is a quick way to boost your sales and put your product up front and center to internet users.

This concept is catching on fast and many online sellers are reaping the rewards of it. Website optimization helps eliminate any loopholes that may be inhibiting your sales online.

Just because your website is set for SEO or search engine optimization, does not mean it is set up and ready for making sales.

 Selling products online is a completely different endeavor than just helping internet users find a site online. Search engines sort pages out differently and you are better off to have your site both search engine optimized and website sales optimized.


One technique used to optimize your page for online sales is optimizing the landing page. If you have banners, PPC, or are using article marketing, the link that the user clicks will take them to the “landing page”. You will need to optimize this page the most.

With website sales optimization, your complete website will be analyzed to track the entry and exit places of the visiting online consumer as well as the consumer’s navigation on the page. The data extracted will be used to improve usability.

To improve the usability of your sales website is extremely important. Weak usability factors will decrease your possibility of sales. After your website has been analyzed completely you will learn how to improve usability and website stickiness.

To make the functionality of your sales website better will also optimize your website for more sales. The functions within the website itself can be used to improve the online consumer experience. The functionalities are integrated into the sales website.

Allow me to briefly explain the techniques used to get your site sales optimized.


It remains as one of the major answers to provoke customers to make a purchase. Or at least to be able to make some leads, faithful customers.

When it comes to search engines there are a range of queries that are made based on what user searches, those called autocomplete google phrases that are highly valuable since they are long-tail key phrases and respond specifically to what a certain user searches, it actually responds the clear questions that a certain user has in mind before a search is executed.

Then there are the informational searches that are not connected directly to the commercial aspects but embrace some questions related to a topic that connected to the queries you are looking to sell ​​an online blogging course, publish an article about choosing the best WordPress hosting and start acquiring protentional costumers/visitors who are looking for those things.

starting blogging is a great online marketing strategy to increase sales, however, it is not a path that everyone should be following.

A small and limited business, as an example, could have greater benefits by investing in other sectors: the blog can become a too large project for its needs of a business because it needs time, content, and a lot of money.

It is as this formula if you have no time to create excellent content. You need to buy it, and buying it can cost thousands of dollars monthly.

Not forgetting that it must be accompanied by a job that combines SEO and landing pages. Do you want to increase sales with the blog? You have to be found, you need to know the customer searches and optimize the pages.

To then take the reader to specific landing pages, designed to obtain conversions. In short, it is not enough to publish content for starting seeing results.

Social Media Marketing as a fundamental way to increase website sales

With social media, you can increase website sales. First, because you start the inbound marketing process together with the blog and make sure the right targeted people can find your content.

You can also establish one of the most important things: your community. Using social media network, you can unify the person that love your products or content in the same place which is your community.

Here, content is a critical aspect of social media marketing. Without the right content, you cannot attract the attention of fans and followers, but at the same time, you have to involve the people who come to the various website channels.

You don’t have to pretend to be interested in conversations: you have to be passionate about the community taking about. Being false is the shortest way to end up everything. This is the best way to make a loyal community.

Email Marketing

One of the best strategies to sell online: create a funnel through email marketing. Create a list of contacts thanks to the various lead generation strategies – you can give away an eBook or you can organize a webinar – and you study a series of emails to lead the contacts towards making purchases. Perhaps using increasingly specific content as suggested by Moz.

Content marketing should be published constantly. This is also working if you want to focus on email marketing, but there is one aspect to consider: where to land people who click on email links? On landing pages, pages designed to turn visits into customers, those pages need to have high-quality content.

This point is also a central point when it comes to blogging, social media marketing, and advertising. But above all when you send an email to 10,000 contacts, all emails should be written properly filled with valuable content, eye-catchy titles that result in provoking clicks and eventually increase website sales.

Online advertising

The classic advertising is that expensive advertising that allows you to immediately get what you need. In other words, qualified targeted visits to your webpages, leads, traffic to be ducted to the landing pages.

The main advertising platforms around are Facebook, AdWords, Bing ads, Pinterest ads, Twitter, 7search, Infolinks. and to increase website sales you have all the data to make segments out of your audience and send the right message.

Here is the right message? Hard to say. In both cases of AdWords and Facebook Advertising, there are dozens of choices that mainly regard copy and visual.

Think of the ads you find in Google’s SERP: the fields that in the title tag and the meta description can be used to push the user towards the click. And then to the conversion you’ve defined.

All this regard the advertisement on Facebook that also uses images and videos Canvas storytelling. When the advertisements are well used it can become the ideal strategy to increase website sales when it comes to short-term investment. But without clear ideas and strategies, you might end up dedicating capital and spending money in a way that makes no sense.

Product or service quality

This is the main strategy to increase website sales: to guarantee the quality of the product or service. To be realistic, without high-quality authoritative content.

You cannot get any shit to form your investments. Because many believe they can get everything by investing a hundred or two hundred dollars on Facebook. The truth? At the base, there must always be a quality content that describes the product.

Otherwise, you will end up buying fish while they are still inside the sea!

Design your website based on the objects you are selling

In reality, you need to think about the objects you are selling. Are you selling products for women? The themes, the graphic should make harmony with that and follow the characteristics preferred by the gender you are targeting.

backgrounds and colors should be selected based on what you are selling. Fast food, Clothing, Shoes? Each industry has its color themes and shapes.

You can use adobe color for selecting your website color themes as it can type a certain keyword and get color families based on what you type.

Another way is to search Google images by keyword and see how every industry has it is own color theme. If you want to increase website sales ask yourself if your site is in line with how your targeted group feels or thinks.

So, you should never select what you like for yourself, you need to select the colors and shapes that the clients like and reflect the industry very well.

Having Great Contents That Explain the Product 

If your product description, title, and metadata do not well-explain in a detailed manner what you are selling, it is certainly useless to advertise and bring traffic to your web store. People want to read facts about the products and want to see it’s technical data sheet, nobody will buy by only seeing a photo and a two words title. People will navigate your store and leave it as they enter.

The content is fundamental when it comes to selling online. You need to treat your visitors as if they were real customers in your real store. Do you need to imagine what would you ask before buying? Well, write those things in your product sheet. Of course, it takes time however it is certainly worth it.

It might even need to hire some professional figures to do the job for you as they know exactly what and how to do everything in a way that looks professional.

Take an example, if you are selling accessories such as ring and bracelets, or clothes, you need to specify, the materials, the size, the length if it applies, and adding any useful information that might help costumers to choose the right object and eventually making a purchase.


Deciding to optimize and increase website sales website is a great decision. Follow up this great decision by choosing the right company to optimize your site. You must research your options and choose the best company to optimize your sales site. because optimizing it is a long term investment that your business will always need it.

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