Internal Linking Structure | 3 On-Page Optimization Techniques

Internal Linking Structure

Everybody nowadays even beginners know the vital importance of dedicating time to invest in to optimize the search engine ranking or what is called SEO, because of the fact that webmaster get huge profit passively without spending a dime into advertising, also because the fact that could never be ignored that the organic traffic is higher than for example social media traffic, so it is painful to spend money on advertising without getting the quality of the targeted traffic you can obtain organically.
You can never get leads, sales, without ranking on the first three pages in search engines results, for that reason you can see yourself the importance of the SEO in regards of establishing an online a successful online presence.
Tell me what a website or any online business serves for if you do not have people seeing, reading your content or purchasing your products! It is useless no?
If you want to run a successful business you need your website having a decent number of daily visitor that comes from search engines, in other words, you should dedicate time and infinite efforts to get your search engines to look that you exist, considering this huge saturated market in all niches and even sub-niches.
I know what you might be thinking, seeing it is very simple but does it require an infinite investment in time, effort and even money bearing in mind how much complicated the search engines have become.
Search engines have complicated algorithms that are so difficult to be understood. Even when you know a lot of tricks and tips on optimizing, there are still a lot of things to know and it became an infinite learning process that a lot of users do not know properly.
Using search engines became a habit that the major part of visitors use to find what they are looking find online because it became easier to write only a keyword and find instantly the desired results, even myself sometimes when I need to make an Amazon purchase, I rarely write the Amazon full address, I write instead Amazon on Google search then I navigate Amazon from the search result! is it much easier, agree?
Hundreds of thousands of online business might never be found on a search result because they simply do not optimize their website in for search engines, a lot of websites they do not even execute the minimum require practices of SEO, as submitting sitemap.xml address to Google, Bing or Yandex search engine consoles.
For that reason, they might never be found in search engines and if it happened by chance that search engines crawl certain website webpages, there will be still thousands of buried pages that the spiders did not simply found because of the lack of search optimization.
Search engines are the most powerful domains on the web, if they like your content and you keep on always on getting it better, they might finally get to love and recommend your website, at that point you will get huge amount of traffic more than you ever thought, and that is the whole point – having an online presence-.
You need to think it this way, every post on your blog or every page on your website is a big chance to optimize it for certain keywords, website is like a castle, every wall of it contains hundreds of blocks, those blocks are the posts and the pages, and the links connecting them are the cement that makes them stick altogether, forever.
Now I will briefly give you somethings to consider when it comes to ranking in search engines called on-page optimizing or in other words the SEO that can be done inside the website not out.
First and most important factor is internal linking, Google and other search engines bot love links and love more a powerful internal linking structure, every page on your website should have links pointing on other pages, previous blog posts and even e-commerce related products.
A good example of a powerful website that has an incredible internal linking strategy is Wikipedia.
This Wikipedia website has 96 Majestic Trust Flow and 98 Citation flow scores! You can notice how many links on every single page the website has so you need to start thinking that way.
You can manually place your link with your targeted anchor texts inside every post. If not, you can use some plugins to automate the process such as Shareaholic or Related Posts for WordPress.
Internal linking is so vital for any website, doing it without exaggeration gives a nice experience to use to easily navigate your website. It increases Domain Authority and Page Authority; it increases also Trust and Citation Flow of the domain.
The second factor is the external links, in other words, those links from your articles that pointing on other domains, webpages in other domains. External links for sure when they get clicked can get the visitors out of your website however search engines give a value for the website that they have them, they increase search engine ranked results for a website which have a mix of internal and external linking structure.
The third factor, the key-phrases and keyword density factor. It is obvious that having no keywords or at least one focus keyword will get your web post hardly to be discovered. You need to search for a low competition keyword preferably the long tail ones that have a decent number of monthly visitors to try to rank it. And you need to use this keyword at the beginning of your post header, you need to place it in SEO title, then you need to place it as well in SEO description. The keyword needs to be searched before you start writing, the thing that renders the task easier in terms of contributing it in all paragraphs in a natural way.

I know that doing this always can be boring but believe optimizing your website from the first beginning with the passage of time will amazingly construct a higher domain authority and once you arrive at hundreds of high-quality SEO optimized content you will realize that your efforts were not wasted, you will have more visitors, the thing that makes you a successful stable content that will always be getting bigger and better.

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