PlugRush Ad Network Review 2019

PlugRush Ad Network Review 2019 according to my experience and after a lot of investment with them is generally an awesome ad network. They are willing to buy all kind of traffic weather it was mobile or desktop traffic from any person who have a website or a blog and intend to earn some cash throughout displaying their advertisement on the website.

PlugRush offers a range of ad forms choices and solutions for publishers which render it as a big advantage to work with them. They have really numerous ads solution, such as Native ad banners, banners, pop up’s , pounders, mobile redirects.

Their team are professionals, they respond to email tipically with 24 hours and they have also online chat where any publisher or advertiser could speak with a professional figure instantly.

They have a flexible payment program; they simply pay you upon your request with a minimum of 25 $ which is really low compared to similar ad networks. You can request a payout through various prestigious and secured payment methods such as PayPal, Paxum, or throughout a bank wire transaction.

They offer generous referral program which offers five percent of any publisher signs up through your referral link. The more you refer publishers to join the network the bigger chances you have to increase your earnings. So, if you have the luck to find some serious bloggers that sign up under you, you would earn a decent amount of money almost effortlessly.

There is also a generous referral program in place, offering 5% of a new publisher’s commission to the party that referred them.
Anyway I will explain everything in details in this ‘ PlugRush Ad Network Review 2019 ‘.

PlugRush Ad Network Review | Type of ad placements they offer:

Desktop Designed ads:

  • Banners ‘different sizes’
  • Popunders ‘a screen that pop under the main page a user navigates without ruining the user experience since it is under the page. Some people won’t even notice.
  • Native banners.
  • Messenger.

For Mobile devices:

  • Popunders
  • Mobile redirects
  • Native banners

Offer Types:

  • CPV (Cost per view) it is awesome and effective because it is simply so cheap, available and targeted.
  • CPC it costs more however it is awesome as long as it is targeted. You pay only when a certain user makes a click, and usually the user who make a click should normally have a minimum interest.

Types of traffic they are able to provide:

They have both Desktop, mobile traffic, mainstream and adult traffic. you can even choose the age, the devices, the geographical zone, interests, mobile operators, WIFI or mobile data connection as well as specifying the type of mobile connection, you can choose to target 3G or 4G and the name of the operator as I mentioned.

The minimum deposit amount is low compared to other networks which start from 25 $ and the PPV bids start from 0.00015 Dollars! So, you buy real targeted traffic in bulk with so low bids. This is the lowest Pay Per View amount that I have ever heard. It is even lower than Pop-ads and Pop-cash where the bids start from 0.005 $.

Payment procedures:

The network has really simple payment system, and is considered that it is really easy to make money out of working with them as a publisher. You can request pay out whenever you arrive your first 25 dollars. It is available upon the publisher request and normally sent between fifth and twentieth of a certain month.

The processing fees:

When it comes to transaction fees, the famous online payment system called Paxum is one of the cheapest to choose because they have a flat charge for transactions of one dollar.

It is the most economical choice considering that if you choose Paypal it will charge 4.5 % of any payout transferred from the ad network mentioned to their system.

Pay Site Cash offer both a flat rate of 0.35 dollars as well as 1.3 percent of charge on any of payout requested throughout their system.

The worst one from my point of view except some publishers that generate really huge amount of money would be bank wire transactions. Any user should be able first to generate FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to be able to request a payout.

So if you make around 1000 dollars a month with PlugRush you have to expect around 60 dollars fees for every bank wire transact

There is also to consider that using this method require 4-6 business days.

Costumer support :

Plugrush have a comfortable costumer support comes with various


Customer support on Plugrush is easy enough to find thanks to a few options of telecommunications.

If you do not have an urgent case you are able to open a support ticket and ask a specific question and that require 24-48 hours to be answered however if you have more urgent case you can refer to live support function or chat with them throughout their Skype group.

You firstly need to check the Frequently asked question section where there is a big chance to directly find the answer that you are looking for

Their terms, condition, service using notes:

PlugRush terms of service is really simple and transparent about is permitted and what is prohibited as the following

  1. The manipulations of the statistics as impressions or clicks are prohibited and this includes but not only: using bots, fake traffic, click exchange, traffic exchange, auto surfing and manual surfing exchange.
  2. Promoting or publishing illegal content involving illegal activities.
  3.  Pages on website that is under constructions or any web address that have thin or lack of content.
  4. Spamming the web or social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc. with Plugrush ad codes.
  5. Trying to make money using excessive ad codes on a single page.

partners that violates those terms of service obviously will have their accounts suspended and they lose all earnings even those were earned before starting violating the rules and they are smart enough to discover those parties.

They mentioned in their terms that Direct URls for popunders and mobile redirects can be used and duplicated on various website however for the banner and native ads it can not as every ad code unite have its own identity and it is unique for every publisher.

It is worth mentioning that PlugRush accepts all kind of traffic weather it was normal traffic from different niches or adult traffic however it is not clear if gambling traffic is accepted.

Publisher Referral Program

Their referral program is so generous and you can make a lot of money just for doing that, if you have a website with a decent amount of traffic it worth the pain to dedicate a webpage or a blog post for a review of their network or were you display referral banners. They pay you 5% for evey new publisher commission signed up under you. So, imagine that you refer as little as one hundred active publishers, you will end up earning a lot of cash by doing simply nothing! You can always make a video and publish it on an authoritative YouTube channel and posting a referral link in the video description.


  • A lot of ad formats are available.
  • Minimum cash out is as little as $25 available upon publisher request.
  • Generous referral program providing 5% of a any publisher life time commission.
  • Professional customers support through tickets and skype group


  • Sometimes the traffic for CPA offers won’t convert as it supposed to.


There are a lot of ad networks online that accept mainstream and adult traffic, however Plugrush for sure is a decent option especially when it comes to monetizing adult traffic and for those small budget advertisers that looking to advertise their websites or offers with a low amount of money as little as 25 dollars.

Publishers have available various ad types and it is a good solution for them when it comes for those publishers who want to mix popunders with native ads.
Hope this article about PlugRush Ad Network Review 2019 was useful and easy to read.

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