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Product launches can be very stressful but they can also be a very rewarding so I’ve written this small guide to hopefully help you with your product launch.

in this small guide I’m going to explain to you why you should you product launches and I’m going to give tips on how to recruit JV partners and affiliates also I will give tips on what to do before and during a product launch and also other tips to hopefully increase the chances of you succeeding with your product launch.

Why product launches?

Why do product launches? why not just have an evergreen product? well why I like more product launches is that the use car city and urgency involved that drives up the sales and can result in more sales in a week and then in a year or a few years for a certain product.

for example you could have a seven day launch were at the end of seven days you could increase the price of the product by a few dollars or even a hundred dollars or you can just shut down the offer altogether and if you really want to sell that offers to sell that product again you can always just relaunch it at a later date.

another reason to do product launches is that you know there’s a possibility that you can generate thousands tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousand dollars or even more so there’s always the possibility of getting that big windfall of cash and you know cash is king you need cash to operate your business so that’s one of the beauties of having product launches its fuses cash into your business.

another thing that it infuses is responsible leads or in this case, buyers are not as a rule of thumb buyers are ten to twenty times more responsive than freebie seekers so it’s very important to have buyers on your list.

So, you can also look at product launches as an opportunity to build your list with the response of leads.

Recruiting affiliates and JV’s

One of the keys to having a successful product launch is to have a lot of JV partners and affiliates promoting your offer okay the more of affiliates you have the more money you’ll make as a rule of thumb.

so, to make your offer attractive you want to offer high commissions. 

so, let me just give you an example here that the current trend which a lot of people are doing, a lot of people are offering hundred percent commissions in the front end for a low front and price of say between seven dollars to nine dollars, so that this is something that I actually do this is what I did for my last launch actually.

don’t you want to have enough sales in the forty-seven dollars to ninety-seven dollar range? of course, it is just an example I don’t know what your product is, you could have a higher price range but you know just I give an example here so you can have an upsell in the forty-seven dollars to ninety-seven dollar range and then have a down-sell in the twenty-seven dollars to thirty-seven dollars range.

if you’re upsell is lower than forty seven dollars you know your offer may not look as attractive or profitable to potential affiliates but like I said I don’t know what you’re selling or you what you plan to sell you know you could have an upsell that’s in the two hundred dollar range or five hundred dollar range but I’m just as a general rule of thumb at least it should be around forty-seven dollars and then you can offer you know fifty percent commission in the upsells and down-sells.

You’d also on offer prizes and most affiliates do prefer cash prizes and that’s what a lot of affiliate contests or JV contests award is cash prizes. 

so you know to take a look around at some other JV contests and you know you can get ideas of how much money you’re willing to reward to the top affiliates and if you offer big cash prizes you can also set minimums so that you don’t get burned.

So for example if you applied to offer five hundred dollars to the top affiliates you can make it a requirement that the top of affiliate has to get a minimum of saying one hundred and fifty front end sales, because then from there, you could probably calculate well look he’s going to you know with a hundred fifty front end sales at a hundred percent commission doubtfully will probably bring in around say twenty percent upsells, and with twenty percent I mean twenty percent of the people that purchased the front and will buy the upsell and then from there you go calculate how much money or how much profit you’re going to get from those leads.

so basically, the profits you’re getting you’re just using to pay out to the top affiliates.

You must also have a JV page. the JV page is a page that has the details of your offer and how much money the potential affiliates can make and you’d also want to have a form so you could build your list of affiliates.

and again what you could do is take a look at other JV pages and get ideas and possibly copy the format and style and what they say on there.

You can also use JV page tools like affiliate builder by Omar Martin you could just do a Google search for that so that’s a WordPress plugin that you install and it creates a nice look in JV pages that includes often forms and it makes building JV pages a lot easier.

it also has a function where it could just insert the affiliate links throughout all the email waves and the banner ads and all the other affiliate tools.

You’d also want to post your upcoming launch on product launch announcement websites such as

this is where I listed mine in the past give it fairly four weeks and in advance, you want to list it on there so people could prepare on put it on their schedule and you know so they could be aware that you have a product launch coming.

 you can also post in other JV network size and product launch announcement sites this is,, etc and you could also post on various relevant Facebook groups that are focused on product launch announcements so you can just search for those groups.

You can also contact marketers with whom you’ve worked within the past.

for example, you may have promoted their products in the past or you may have done an ad swap for a solo ad from them or did some other type of work with them in the past, so you might have bought a service from them or they may have bought something from you. 

now keep in mind that some workers do like to be notified at least four weeks in advance.

You can also contact marketers who are in the same industry as you.

 for example, weight loss video marketing, etc. 

so, you can contact other product creators who have created similar products like yours and you can also contact affiliates who appeared in the affiliate leaderboards of product launches.

So, as you can see there is a lot of work involved when it comes to recruiting potential JV partners and affiliates.

depending on your ambition and you know depending on how badly you want your product launch to be a success you may have to spend at least a month contacting and trying to recruit JV partners and affiliates.

Few days before your product launch

All right so there’s a few days before your product launch and you know you need to make sure you have a checklist of the things that you have to get done before then.

one of the things you have to make sure to do is to contact your hosting company and notify them that you might get a lot of traffic in a short time and ask them if you have enough bandwidth to cope with this traffic.

Another thing I highly recommend you do is to notify PayPal, ok…

Well okay if you get a sudden surge in sales and it’s more than your usual daily activity it may raise a red flag with PayPal, and PayPal may limit your account the may hold your funds and you know they may investigate what’s going on and who knows how long this limited put on your account would be.

so you may not be able to withdraw the funds until the investigation is over so I highly recommend that you notify PayPal in advance.

what I did was I called them and I emailed them a few days in advance.

 I called them to put a note in my account to see that there may be a sudden surge in sales on the particular dates for the duration of my launch and then I also Told PayPal the day before just to confirm that there was a note on my accounts.

another thing you should do is test purchase, just to make sure everything is working alright.

 my last launch was on the affiliate network called JVZoo and they have a function there were your we can do a test purchase for one cent.

another thing you want to do is to double-check your sales pages make sure the spelling is okay and they look alright and that the sales pages are formatted the way that you want and lastly another thing that you want to do is to remind your JV’s and affiliates a day or two in advance you are launching and to get their swipes ready.

During the launch

All right, so your launch is now live, one of the first things you want to do is notify your JV’s and affiliates that you are now live in that they could send out an email to their subscribers.

you’d also want to monitor things to make sure that things are running smoothly and make sure that your website is loading up fine with all the traffic that it’s getting, and make sure that customer questions or being responded to.

You also going to continue to add new swipe emails throughout the week so that your affiliates have Fresh new content that they could send out to their subscribers.

and you’d also want to keep your affiliates up to date during the week. for example, you can give them all updates on the statistics. For instance earnings per click or EPC’S, as well as telling them how many units have been sold, so you could you know to make it feel confident that Hey this offered does convert.

you can also update them on your contest so you can motivate them to promote. you could also hold more mini-contests during the week, especially if your offer is converting and you’re generating a lot of cash and profits in your launch. 

you can afford to hold more many contests throughout the week and motivate affiliates to promote and bring in more sales and bring in more leads into your business.

you can also see how you can improve conversions and make your offer more profitable for affiliates.

for example, you can tweak the headline, offer more bonuses on the sale page or offer another upsell. all right so you know you can you’ll have all these excuses to contact your affiliates and motivate them to promote your launch.

Here are some more tips for you so that you could have a successful product launch.

one thing you may want to consider is to do a pre-launch to build up anticipation, similar to that of a movie or sporting events and this is also a great way to build your list as all the traffic will be going to squeeze page.

now, how long should your pre-launch be?

generally, nowadays the few marketers who still do pre-launches, they do it between three days and maybe one day before lunch. 

a few years ago, there were a lot of marketers that they were doing pre-launches and pre-launch it was common up for memory to see you know pre-launches last for seven days before they launch the product. 

however, nowadays very few markers do pre-launches and the ones that do pre-launches maybe just one or three days before launch.

but so, this is something you may want to consider to create buzz into increase the sales of your launch.

another thing that should be considered is something that I would highly recommend and that is to put an exit pop up on your sales page so that when someone tries to close your web page, a message will pop up saying wait! would you like to stay on this page and will offer a gift? I’m sure you’ve seen those exit pop-ups before.

what this does, it captures the leads that you may have lost forever that you that we’re going to buy anyway, then you could have autoresponders set up that will automatically follow up with these leads and try to promote the main offer with them. 

but most importantly you know you are still building a list through this method and you could promote affiliates products later down the road.

Lastly, this step that I will give which might be not adaptable for everybody but which you may want to consider is a strategy of offering a hundred percent commissions across the entire funnels. 

so hundred percent commissions on the front end and upsells and down-sells now the downside of this, of course, is that you’re going to have fewer profits during your product launch, however, the benefit of this is that you’re going to track more affiliates because affiliates will make more money with your launch. 

And when you have more affiliates you’re just going to have more customers and more buyers and just a bigger list of response leads that you could promote to later down the road with affiliate promotions.

but again, this method may not be for everybody so it’s something that you may want to think about before trying.

especially if you are in desperate need of funds, then I would probably tell you to just go ahead and offer fifty percent commissions in the upsells and down-sells.

but again you know everybody’s situation is different but this method there is a hundred percent commissions across the final, is a strategy that is being implemented by some marketers, and some marketers are seeing some great success with it. but again, you know it’s something that you should test out or you know think about.
It may not be for you but just the consider it. so, what with that said I wish you the best of luck with your product launch.

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