In this article I will give an insight for redefining SEO or search engine optimization the way I think it, hope you will find it useful. for sure you might think that trying to redefining SEO is a huge word since I am a small blogger, however I see that there is nothing wrong with redefining SEO since some things really worked for me on niche websites and for people I know.

Definition of SEO

With brief simplest words, SEO, or search engine optimization can be defined as the persistent optimization of a certain website in a way that could rank in search results and get organic traffic or free unlimited advertising.

Overview: Redefining SEO

lets try redefining SEO little by little. Search engine optimization has a huge list of fundamentals, Google declared that there might be over three hundred factors for being able to rank in the search result for a competitive keyword and be getting untapped visitors for your online business.

So, SEO… SEO… SEO, if you search Google these three magic letters ‘SEO’, you will be getting unlimited results and detailed guides that you will never be able to finish, actually you won’t be able just to open and close all even without reading.

SEO nowadays has become too difficult for this reason, some webmasters start to believe that SEO is dead, and they prefer to go with short-term investments such as PPC and CPM advertisement, especially when it comes to the small business that has e-commerce and they can’t afford, hoping on the day that get found online organically nor the capital to hire some professional figures for creating content and optimizing websites or e-commerce for search engine rankings.

Since there are a lot of knowledge to acquire and a lot of search engine algorithm updates, it seems impossible to learn the SEO from A-Z since there will be always much to learn and complicated factors to be fixed and optimized.

Most bloggers and webmasters know some factors or mutual optimization tips that they use in common, however, since all of them are doing the same tricks the SEO has to arrive at that point where it is almost impossible to rank use those ordinary techniques. 


REDEFINING SEO In Terms Of Keywords or key phrases:

One day a webmaster was able to optimize a certain web page or a blog post for a certain keyword repeating that keyword in the title, meta description, and concentrating on the percentage of the keyword density placed on a certain topic.

However, nowadays those techniques without a strong link profile were gone!

You could infinitely optimize your website for keywords, metadata, however, it won’t do that much if you have a brand-new website with zero high-quality links pointing to it. You could find a lot of high authority websites outranking you at a glance even though you were the first to use that certain keyword.

The truth about keywords, that a lot of people spend yearly thousands of dollars on keyword research tools that are not working, please do not use keyword research tools.

I have tried hundreds of premium keyword tools and I can guarantee you that neither of them works well. Let alone the fact that there are a lot of tools that cost tons of dollars that are not even accurate at all.

I remember that I used a tool to search a highly competitive keyword, it gave me a result that the monthly search volume was around one thousand!  Come on, it is impossible that a phrase as ‘buy a bike online’ has a monthly search volume around one thousand searches!

It is one of the worst things a business owner can make is to spend money on stuff that will never work.

Website Content

Your website content is the most valuable and important thing to concentrate on. Believe me spamming the web with irrelevant links, guest posting, comments will never work anymore. You need to create high-value content that fixes people’s problems, that able to answer people’s questions. You need to generate unique content and schedule it on daily or weekly and focus all your effort to create content that is useful and it should add value in some way or another.

A friend of mine has created a brand-new website on an expired domain that has a similar niche. The domain does not have a strong link profile nor any exceptional SEO metrics such as high Trust Flow or high Domain Authority, instead, it was normal.

My friend loves writing, he started writing every day the ideas that come to his mind. The writing was something that he used to do even before having a blog.

After one year of pulling unique valuable content, he was able to make more than one thousand dollars with Google AdSense, in that year he wrote articles sometimes daily, some times three times a week.

He was not using any keyword tools, he did not even build any external links. He was dedicating his time solely for writing what he likes and he was sharing that with his friends.

The Bottom-line

Content is the king, so, the era of outsourcing and producing bulk rubbish content has gone. Google has one of the advanced systems on earth, and they are so good at discovering un legitimate ways to create and produce content as well as their exceptional ability to detect any webmaster does Blackhat SEO to outrank other websites.

Even if you are so good at doing that please don’t. the reason for telling you this is that if it works now, it is not for sure that it will continue to work! So why not .dedicating your effort in creating astonishing content instead of spamming people.

Even if you scarifying the first year, it would not cost you more than writing quality content in your free time and registering a domain.

The costs of registering a domain name including the host servers won’t exceed 50 dollars every year. I am sure you spend more money on buying coffee every year 😊. as I said you should be seeking to construct a long-term online presence that permits you to make a living passively. 

Remember that in December 2019 Google calls this update the “biggest leap forward in the past five years, and one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of search.” This algorithm update will be improved in a way that Google will be able to understand search entries, and providing users with the closest result, Google bots will be acting and comprehending as close to the capacity of a human being.   

With that said…

Here are some habits that you should do to be able to succeed organically:

• Website Appearance:

you need your website to be ecstatically appealing. There are a lot of themes out there that have a beautiful design and a very fast performance.

I recommend the following:

Carefully Choosing The Plugins:

the website needs to have only the most necessary plugins, you make a big mistake if you install a lot of secondary plugins, the more you install, the slower the website will be.

Content Delivery Network:

 CDN has become a must for any website considering that website speed is one of the major factors that Google considers when it comes to ranking.

Cloudflare is a free service that gives you the ability to deliver your content on its fastest server on the web without any costs. It gives you also the ability to minify java scripts, CS5, Html without having to install any additional plugins on your website, and there is a caching option that you can activate that will accelerate your website more and more always without installing a cache plugin.

It is simply amazing considering that it is free.        

SSL Security Certificate:

this year has become a must; Google will flag your website as it is an insecure connection if you do not have a certificate. You must have it and you can have it for free by enabling it in Cloudflare.

You may need also to update your .HTACCESS file on your root domain folder to create a 301 redirect from the old http to the new https site format to protect your past website SEO effort from being lost.

You can place this code in your .HTACCESS. 

 # HTTPS redirect 
 <IfModule .c> 
 RewriteEngine On 
 RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L] 

Finding 404 Errors

You can use google search console to chase the 404 error pages and redirect them to other relevant pages using a plugin called WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post,  its really performant plugin that is able to detect and redirect all 404 errors automatically to similar posts or pages on your websites so you won’t lose any percent of your traffic, as well as it will be resulting fixed 404 error in Google search console, it will pass the deleted page link juice to the other new page, so you will gain your lost link juice and traffic and you will solve at the same time the errors appear in Google search console.

It is worth mentioning that the plugin is compatible with other 301 redirect plugins such s Yoast SEO, Redirection and 301 redirects.

CopyWrite Issues:

you need to pay attention to the small details of the content you are producing, having Copywrite content without the right to use will make you huge problems on your website. As I said you need to produce high-quality unique content that you own and you have all the rights to use. Content duplication might give you a penalty from Google and your website will end up disappeared from search results or you might use your ranking, so pay attention to what content you have.

Duplicated Content:

Another thing about the duplicated content is that you might face the issue of duplicates created by yourself on different web posts on the same website, so it’s wise to check every week and eliminate or rephrase the protentional duplicates existed. You can try which is an amazing free tool that doing a great job checking duplicates and broken links.

Persistance And Patience:

Of course, you cannot expect that you create a website one month ago and have your website rank on the first page on Google. Normally, it will take time and effort to arrive at a point where you will be satisfied and making passive income. It is not more than having strong beliefs in what you are doing and treat it seriously as a normal job.

Write… write… write, that is the most important thing to do,  a lot of people fail because they write 5,7 articles and when they monitor the traffic and see that they have zero traffic they will get disappointed or start to think of other ways like a bad link building strategies, but meanwhile they forsake the most important thing on the planet for the website success, THE CONTENT.


In conclusion, I have tried for redefining SEO for successful future business from my point of view, it is not necessarily should be treated as a bible for every one but this is the way I see it.

and I say, it is not an easy thing to do when it’s a wise thing to do. If it was that simple to have a great passive income, there might have been fewer problems in the world. If you would like for having success online, you need to be creative and to work steadily on daily or weekly passes and focus your efforts on creating difference without giving all your attention to the results from early beginning.

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