Runative Ad Network Review 2019 (Pros & Cons)

Runative ad network is established by some enthusiasts’ guys who created a professional team specialized in online marketing, apps programmers and developers. With the passage of years this ad Network were able to establish a long experience and success in advertising science and accumulate a huge knowledge in the online marketing field. These team combined with people from different parts of the glob with various culture and languages. After the success they were able to maintain, they became bigger and bigger, nowadays they have branches of their network in Spain, Canada, Japan, Greece and more.

The concept they had is to continuously researching in the information technology and the online market to be able to engineer a network that have its own entity and provide a successful professional service for their clients which is getting better and better every day.

Runative Ad Network | Types of ads they offer

  • Native Ads: those responsive type of ads that are similar to banners and they go along with the website design as a recommended content, in other words when you look at them, they do not really seem as ads so they are very user friendly and won’t ruin the website experience. The most beautiful thing about them is the ability to choose the niches related to your content so it so relevant.
  • Push Notifications: it is the type of ad that does not disturb the visitors because it is only a notification the visitor will see that simply can ignore or close. So, likewise, it does not have any negative impact on user experience.

The basis they offer the payment:

They have 3 offer models.

the first of all, CPC, or in other word you get paid whenever someone clicks on the advertisement.

also, they have CPM or Cost per mile: they pay you a certain amount of dynamic rate based on the demand; the rate will be payed for every thousand impressions an ad placement gets.

Finally they offer dCPM or Dynamic Cost per Mile:  the system regulates the pricing of a certain campaign according to the position of placement and the competition rate, in this case the system precise for you the best bid under the maximum bid you specify without increasing the eventual bid you have set.

Types of Traffic they offered by Runative Ad Network

They offer only mainstream for all devices; the quality of traffic is decent and it converts. It can be used for promoting your website and CPA, CPL offers and it has high conversion rate if you want to utilize it in affiliate marketing, however you need to adjust the campaign in the correct way and specifying the devices and targeted group and invest some money to decide which is the settings that really work for the offers you are promoting. However, if you are planning to promote some adult offers, it does not seem the right place for you. You can use Plugrush ad network instead.


Pulbisher can request payment every week or every month, it  depends on the payment option chosen.

Even more, you can choose from the several payment options available in their system to withdraw your earning.   probably, the easiest ones are Paypal and E-Payments where you can withdraw the money you have earned weekly.

You can with draw using Paypal and E-payment whenever you arrive to thershold of one hundred dollars.

However, chosing bank-wire option or Paxum is a bad idea because especially for small publishers because the publisher need to wait unitll arriving the thershold of five hundred dollars and both methods are monthly based.

Customer Support

Most noteworthy, that RUNative ad network have a powerful customer support staff that are there for helping you all the time.

Therefore, you will notice from the first moment you navigate their website that there is a chat box that pops up, sometimes they respond instantly. However, when they are all busy, you can leave your contact details in the chat box and they will respond you at the moment someone of them becomes available.

Similarly, they have also a dedicated Contact Us web page if you would like having your correspondences for your business to remain via e-mail, so you can compose a message clarifying the problem details or asking the information you need and they will come back to you later.

also, when you take a look on their website you might get the impression that they are new guys in the online huge market and you won’t get that support however, you will notice that Runative Ad Network give you all the support you want, and whenever you making some testing campaign you will start to figure out that their traffic really converts.

Even more, the system of Runative Ad Network works to serve every publisher and advertiser a private account where they can organize every thing related to their campaigns, ad codes, statistics, cash in and out and sees that as an essential part of their strategy unlike a lot of prestigious advertisement network where they offer an account manger and where a lot of them do not even offer a dash board. On the other hand, you will still have an account manger in case you have doubt how to create ads or how to optimize an ad campaign the right way that would eventually boost your conversions.

Runative Terms, Conditions and Guidelines:

First of all, you must keep in mind the Runative Ad Network is a mainstream advertisement network and they prohibit adult traffic, sending adult traffic lead to an account suspension and permanent ban from using their network so be careful.

Furthermore, any content nudity, pornographic or sexual photos or activities, porn videos, erotic stories, sexual terms are considered sexual content.

also, you need to send normal traffic only, while, if you have adult traffic this network is not what you are looking for.

Maybe, it is a great idea to read their terms thoughtfully. you can always contact them for any doubt you have.

Certainly, they have those restrictions in terms of traffic and creating content, however, they do not have hard requirements for publisher to be able to join, so you can become a partner of the network easily.

Furthermore, They are very open minded and so welcome even for new users that do not still generate them any real profit, however, fake traffic, traffic generated by software, proxies, bots, traffic exchange, auto and manual surfs will have no mercy. Remember that they are experts to find it and suspend the account so do not bother.

Anyway you can find detailed explanation about their terms following this link

Runative Ad Network Referral Program

Runative Ad Network has a generous referral program for their dedicated for their loyal publisher.

Also, the program gives 5% of the earning generated by any of your referrals, so let’s say you were able to refer 100 active publishers that everyone has 300 visits a day, man, that’s a lot of money on the long run! There would be also the possibility that your referrals start to refer others and then you will also earn passively simply by doing nothing.

Positive points about the network:

  • You are free to adjust, add, remove and edit campaign or ads units thanks to their Self-service platform therefore you have the maximum ability to execute any critical modification when you decide.
  • Powerful support through chat and contact page as well as dedicating an account manager for every person.
  • Optimized relevant ads that optimized to give you the highest rates possible and various targeting options when it comes on creating a targeted ad for making sales and leads.
  • Various options to payout including weekly and monthly plan and PayPal secure payments are supported.

Negative points:

  • The minimum payment threshold is relatively high for small bloggers.
  • Adult traffic is prohibited.


Runative Ad Network seems like seeking and start already to becoming a big ad company that offers Native ads relevant to website content. Probably it still a mid-size native advertisement networks when it is compared to the huge prestigious ad networks in the vast web, however, they have a clear vision on how to work in a professional way studying the fast progress of the technology and the market needs and giving an optimal support and help for their customers, and although I said it is a mid-size advertisement network, it still have ( hundreds of billions ad impressions every day). therefore, it is a number that cannot be underestimated.

Also, Runative Ad Network is really the place of whom are obsessed about their own businesses and prefer to be able to tweak every single parameter weather it was at the of statistics and pixels or controlling and optimizing the ad campaign parameters.

A good point that you cannot find easily with all advertisement networks out there is that you will be having a personal account manger for all the costumers.

in contrast of what I have said, downside of Runative Ad Network is that sometimes the variety of available traffic in some geographical locations can be limited, and when it comes to targeting for instant a small rural city in Italy as example, the ad campaign will never perform well for the reason that there is the limitation mentioned.

Another negative point as we said would be the nonexistence support of adult traffic. As a result, this fact can limit their network growth on that sector as well as losing a lot of advertisers and publishers that can sell or buy adult traffic.

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