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In this day and age, as newer websites keep on adding up content, it has led to an increase in total internet traffic; thereby it has only become more challenging to remain on top in the search engines considering the vast saturated market in almost all niches. 

With so many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies flourishing, there is a lot of work potential in this industry considering having a great link can be seen as the major SEO success factor.

SEO is a long-term investment and the firms who need their internet presence for their businesses, need to seriously invest in their SEO efforts. 

Nobody can bring instant rankings for any set of competitive keywords and also nobody can guarantee a keyword placement or ranking it need consistent producing of high quality unique and innovative content. SEO is a tedious job, when it comes to offline website optimization or promotion.

Submissions are the foundations, and approvals are the end for building valuable back links for the website. 

I will explain what I mean by saying submission later so keep reading.

Say, if the website is submitted to a thousand directories, it does not necessarily bring in a thousand back links. Only the approved links will be counted.


In the same lines, buying links does not work at all, because at the end of the journey, one will only realize that the links they paid for does not really exist, because the directories themselves have got disappeared from the internet presence or they become spammed with millions of links and become a negative factor for search engine ranking that need to be eliminated in a way or another. 

Instead some prestigious web directories discover the dishonest ways of submitted a website which only contain rubbish content so it got deleted automatically. 

Hence it is wise to submit only to the free SEO friendly directories and that after making sure that you are submitting quality content that will last and gradually increase the trust and the search engine rankings with the passage of time. 

Also search engines like Google does not like the links bought for, on the contrary Google penalizes the websites indulging in such activities. Thus, do not waste the money in this unethical practice you will end up creating a new website that has no history, because your previous domain will be blacklisted or de-indexed.

Building reciprocal links are trickier – if one builds reciprocal links, then clearly a track record has to be kept in regards to: whether or not the link has been approved by those directories. In case the link approved there is a huge chance that it won’t be indexed, and if you plan to use indexing services you might open the eyes of search engines on your links since they look suspicious.

You might need to know if you want to rely on directories only – which is not a good idea anyways – that more than seventy percent of the directories providing reciprocal links do not even review the submitted listing, so forget that it will be approved in near future and the journey ends by giving a free link to these so called reciprocal link directories.

However, if one is keen on building reciprocal links, one has to keep watch for two weeks, by then if the listing is not approved, then take off that reciprocal link from the website. 

On the other hand, submission links to directories is becoming pretty risky if you do not select quality ones, and those usually have no free plans. You might also want to be cautious here that you need to choose those niche relevant directories that are extremely related to your website niche to add value to the concerned website.

For example, if the website is about web designing, then links from similar work area (i.e. web designing or web development) or vertical work areas (i.e. content writing, web hosting, SEO services etc.) supporting that specific service will be counted valid.

Both On-page and Off-page SEO are important factors for any online business seeks a long-term organic promotion in search engines. 

Always you might want to remember one thing: search engine like Google loves off-page website promotion (i.e. Off-page SEO also known as link building) whereas search engines like Yahoo and Bing gives weight age for On-page of the site.

It is crucial to have relevant keywords in the Meta-tags such as title tags, description and keywords as part of On-Page SEO or On-page website optimization as well as having optimal internal linking.

 Also, equally important is the website content: relevant keywords must be used appropriately in the content.

Hence SEO friendly content is crucial for your search engine rankings. These are the crucial factors for On-Page SEO to make the website easily searchable among millions of web pages existing on the internet.

When it comes to choosing a SEO Consultant hoping to achieve better search engine rankings, one must take into account all aspects such as: (i) Methods used for promotion (e.g. only white label tactics are valid), (ii) Delivery of the project (time lines), (iii) Pricing for the project.


It is a matter of fact that Article marketing that represents a part of the content marketing strategy of

webmasters have become a huge saturated market where finding those small niches and rank them through many several passive websites is a huge challenge that requires time and unlimited investments.

Naturally, all webmasters that use article marketing considering that writing articles is not a simple thing since it requires time and huge effort to find good ideas that fits at the same time the niche of the website, those profitable phrases that have a decent traffic volume and relatively small competition.

Writing article requires a lot of thinking, creativity, and searching. It is possible to hire someone for writing you an article however the prices are too expensive considering that the costs start from10 dollars per 300-500 words and it might arrive to 100 dollars!

Article marketing Spam Issue

One day bloggers where able to make a decent living throughout the written articles, those days the blogger was naturally writing articles as a hoppy or freelance. It was ok even if 3 posts a day where published.

But when the market has become so saturated, at that point the spammers started to think in different ways to rank better in search engines, getting backlinks and taking money that their content does not deserve.

Search engine ranking Do’s and don’ts 

  • Don’t use spun articles generated by various software such as Spinner Chief and Word Ai and creating unlimited versions of the same article that are unreadable in most cases and placing keywords and their synonyms even in places that do not even make a logical linguistic sense.
  • Don’t make guest posts or reviews and placing links back to the money site especially on low quality spammed to hell networks.
  • Don’t Submit articles to private blog networks or public blog networks.
  • Don’t submitting articles to link farms.
  • Do create powerful internal linking structure.
  • Do create powerful thoughtful content that give value to your website and answers visitors questions.
  • Don’t spam with internal linking by placing irrelevant links to the actual topic. 

Google start to crack down all those methods, because the spammers rendered the web as a dirty space filled with spam content that do not have a minimum value. That explains why so many huge websites where de-indexed and taken down.


Search engine ranking might be seen as a trauma for many business owners these days and it seems for many an impossible to have a minimum success doing it. However, when it comes to those websites who still have real high-quality content, they still hugely benefit from organic traffic despite the saturated market. So keep it honest, write quality unique content and you’ll see with the time passage some nice results.

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