Turning Website Traffic into Money ! 3 great simple ways

Some ways help you turning website traffic into money a passive income so you would have a passive income.

If you have an online business that getting daily stable traffic you can ensure to invest every visit you get and convert it into real cash.

It is not difficult for sure to monetize your website considering the existence of a huge list of companies that are willing to buy every single visit, with that said you might want to have a monetization strategy that could make you a huge profit with little investment in your time and efforts.

In this brief article, I will discuss some ideas that might be interesting to start with.

*Making an online store for a digital product or offering a certain service:

Building an opt-in email list is a really important thing since a huge number of your visitors will visit and never come back, so you need to install a script that works when a visitor is about to close the tab and pop-up without using content lockers, so the website remains user-friendly.

You can create your product or offer a valuable service for your visitors.

You can start writing e-books in your website niche and selling them as a downloadable content, this is something amazing since you won’t be worrying about the shipping costs and organizing with the shipping companies, and booking the orders etc., and are two of the website I know that offer Private label rights content, you can download free pdfs in a lot of niches, articles, videos, and more without paying anything, you have the right to resell it, rewrite it, revising it, doing whatever you want .

I suggest that you download a manual for instance and try to rewrite it in your language and using Adobe InDesign you can add your photos, name, credits, etc.

I do not think that exists something easier and affordable than this, it need a bit of effort and you are ready to sell, gradually you will have a huge library that contains a lot of interesting stuff that people are willing to pay you for download it.

* Turning website traffic into money theoughout building an email list:

Her is an example of a website that uses a good pop up banner for building an email list.

 Buy Building an email list form the users that are interesting in your content, you know for sure that the list contains only targeted users that are interested in related topics, you can retarget them when you create new content and you can use the list to promote CPA or CPS offers.

All you need to do is to sign up as an affiliate with some great networks such as CP LEAD or MAXBOUNTY, both of them are amazing however my favorite one is the second.

You buy first a Gmass plan from Google and choose some profitable offers, most of the offers contains presets template that is ready to paste them inside the email as an HTML, or you can simply choose to write down your email after reading and understanding the offer you are promoting, you paste the link in the email body.

You needn’t place more than two links otherwise it could look spamming for both users and webservers and end in the spam folder.

It’s worth mentioning that by buying a Gmass plan you eliminate the ods that the email ends up in the spam folder however precaution better than cure.

You can also profit from the email list if you have a youtube channel connected to your website, throughout sending the newsletter email to the list of targeted visitors you have about your new video to give it a great boost.

* PPC or ‘Pay-per-click’ programs

 you can register an AdSense account and once you get approved Google will start displaying their ads on your website pages.

Adsense is so profitable if you have a decent amount of traffic especially form Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. you will start turning website traffic into money from the first day, the more traffic you have the more potential clicks you will get.

Google is willing to pay you for every single click on ads that are displayed on your webpages. 

 If you fail to get approval for an AdSense account you that is not the end of everything, there are a huge number of ads companies out there that are paying well and relatively easier to gain their approval such as Chitika, Yahoo, Kontera, Infolinks and much more.

* CPM or Cost per mille programs

AdSense and many other networks such as Adsterra offer different programs that pay you a certain amount of money for every mile ”thousand” of impressions your website gets, the good thing about AdSense is that it has both CPM CPC programs that work together, so if a certain website did not get clicks on ads, there still a chance to earn from awesome impressions. Here are some CPM Networks that pay really good rates:


·        BuySellAds

·        Conversant Media

·        Criteo

·        Propeller Ads

·        Exponential

·        Revcontent

·        Adcash

·        AdBlade Network

·        RhythmOne

·        UberCPM

You can also create an offer of a space for ads on your website, it can be a review with a backlink to the client website which has a relevant niche to yours, or you can make an offer of header banner and footer banner with different prices for a certain amount of time, lets say I will advertise your website or your YouTube channel for 1 month on my homepage that has 100 thousand monthly visitors.

As I said an amazing thing you could do is to review products for certain interesting clients on your website, for example, you can make an offer of a lifetime review with do-follow backlink in high page authority on your website for monthly fee or for one time fee, naturally the offer includes a unique article plagiarism free and hand-written that has one thousand words or more. Imagine that you are doing that all the time! Amazing!

You are not losing the spaces where you can display your Google AdSense ads though you are still making money from AdSense, meanwhile you are writing unique content for your website that will make it grow fast, and at the same time you will be making money for just placing a link that it is relevant to your niche ‘ thing that everybody does anyway for the sake of SEO’ considering the outgoing links is a must in any article and they are vital as the internal links. So you will be making cash while doing things that you like with no more effort than the effort you usually spend anyways writing content for your website or blog!

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