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What Are Backlinks In SEO ? Link Building In SEO

Almost all of the website owners create a links webpage! Do you want to know the reason? Let me tell you, there are two major purposes behind why a website owner has to put into consideration establishing a links page.

Firstly Search Engine Marketing or simply SEM is not more than having google and various search engines to notice that you are somewhere there in the vast web. The vital thing that should never be ignored is the fact that if you want your website to get minimum attention you need to obtain high-quality backlinks in SEO profile indexed by search engines bots.

Secondly your website provides a value to your visitors, links help them find other sites of that might be in their interests and they might want to visit as well as providing with related links to the to topic if they want to deepen more in the research of what the subject they were trying to get an answer for.

Even though this mechanism might be thought by people like, oh no, those backlinks in SEO profiles of the compititors are risky, because they can take my traffic away from my website to other websites and decreasing the session time, it could be true, but as long as those links are well studied they might create more fidelity and more interest for a certain user to come back to your website and literally you get at that point unique faithful visitors or subscribers or a loyal client for selling him a product or a service you offer.

Search engines with the passage of time and the daily technology advancing are becoming smarter as sometimes I feel Google logarithm act like a real scientist that could Identify easily bad or toxic links and spot at a glance the high authority links or good links, so to know about what Are Backlinks In SEO , please keep reading!

Without doubts since it is even declared clearly by Google great links are certainly increasing the page authority and strengthening page ranking in SERPS and as time passing, naturally, it will be listed on the top results, while bad links could really impact the ranking and the website could be penalized and simply disappear from search results.

At that time, it is vital to take a manual intervention to remove or disavow those toxic links hoping that after weeks or even months that Google will re-index the website again and it is not said that certainly, your website will turn back to its position after eliminating them.
It worth mentioning that sometimes the search engines act mercifully and simply ignore those links however it is wise to not place your money site in that difficult situation.

SO What Are Backlinks In SEO ?

** A good link could be defined as a link from a high-quality website that has both high majestic trust flow and high Moz authority score as well as having also a high relevance to your website niche.

** a toxic link is a link from un relevant websites that have a high Moz spam score and it is more likely to be from the BPN network or link farms.
It is good to know also that Google loves local SEO, so linking from domain from other continents, Chinese or Russian or irrelevant language is not looking nature and for sure it raises suspicion

Page rank can be is a score developed by Moz that ranges from 0 to 100 the more, the better.

It indicates that how likely a certain page ranks in search engine results and increasing that score from different pages eventually lead to elevate the overall score of a certain domain so-called Domain authority DA which ranges using the same concept from 0 to 100. Trying to increase a lot of pages is vital for any website because optimizing it that way will lead to having a powerful domain that could get you a great income or can be sold with thousands of dollars.

It is wise to know also the fact that the more the ‘DA’ Domain authority score increases, the more it is difficult to increase, in other words, it easier to go from 10 to 20 than from 20 to 40 and that also can be applied on page authority ‘PA’.

When are you up to build a link profile to your business website it is wise to start seeking those authoritative link with high page rank than yours so they can pass the link juice to your targeted website because those links give a huge instant signal for different search engines that your website worth to be on the top list and gradually will start to see decent amount of traffic, apart from the fact that it will deserve to be trustworthy and indexed.

from an experience it is not that bad to get link back to your website from a website with low PR but with a decent traffic, even though it does not pass the link juice it will at least pass you some relevant traffic to your niche and increase Majestic Citation Flow CF which is also important to keep it in a ratio balanced with the trust flow, that balance keep the website link profile looking natural in the eyes of search engines.

you can think while trying to find those links how you can reach the ones carry some potential targeted traffic and authoritativeness.

you could start to think it this way, if you have for example an e-commerce and you are selling products imported from other companies, you can try to contact them suggesting the idea to place a link back to your money website explaining the advantage that you’ll get both, and since it is reciprocal they might accept the offer.

If not you can link back to them so when visitors navigate your website they might trust it more since other companies that might be more known than your business are mentioned on your website, on the other hand usually companies have SEO specialists, so they check frequently their link profile.

They might notice that you have a link back to them and for that reason, they might change their mind and link anyway back to your business website.

you need always to keep in mind that the whole story about trying to get more traffic is to get loyal clients that turn back usually to your website again the thing that cause what its called ‘unique visits’, in other words, think about visitors how they probably find the experience on your website and you needn’t for sure think only on how to get the search engine bots find and index you.

And remember there are tons of millions of webpages indexed but they never been found because they were buried in the vast worldwide web.

Always keep in mind the whole goal of getting website traffic is to get and keep loyal customers or clients not merely to attract search engine bots!

another way is to start by searching the web for websites that have the same argument or products of yours but find those that have mutual things not identical because it could lead you to find competitor’s websites that won’t give you any attention naturally.

While searching keep watching the Moz toolbar so it can figure out some helpful information in a glance about domain authority, page authority, spam score and number of links pointing to the domain, certainly those values should be for sure greater than yours.

here is how MOZ toolbar looks like :

What Are Backlinks In SEO / MOZ toolbar

even if you find some websites that do not have a links page, just try to ask them, you might give them the first idea to place the first one which is yours! Ask them you won’t lose anything.

Just remember when you are looking for website to host your link to find firstly those who have a links page if they have you might find something like a form to be filled with the name of organization or business, website field, email, etc. just fill it out and who knows your link might be stuck on that page. Sometimes when you do not find a links webpage and you are really interested in placing link on that website, try to invest sometimes writing a professional email to them explaining something about your business thinking deeply the aspects that they might be interested in and writing it down, they might not respond but it happened that a lot of websites have won really powerful links just by attempting to contact and trying to be persuasive.

so it is wise not to be concerned when you first try to write your first email asking for adding a link, the more you do it, the more it becomes a habit and you write even more perfectly.
You can also choose some forums to post a link as an answer leaving your signature, people on forums and Reddit deadly hate self-marketing. so try to be very relevant to prevent your profile from getting banned.

If you know your subject show it! And you know what? Starting to be an active registered user on forums is one of the best methods that work.

When you make a post or an answer on a certain argument on the forum you need always to make it as a habit to leave your signature attaching your information and website, if one’s like the discussion or what they are reading about you they will click on the link to visit your website, and hey presto – you have more links coming into your site! If your hosting company has a user forum, there may well be a section where you can showcase your new site – if so, you will get lots of visits through this.

Also, if you go to the Guestbook of another site you can leave your website address there. However, it became a must as I wrote before to be a relevant website otherwise it will hurt more than benefit.

Article writing as a technique for building links and traffic is a less apparent area that a lot of people don’t know about or understand.

presuming that you are proficient in the field you are doing – or at least have the least useful information that could be shared with others in an interesting way that could attract their loyalty for being frequent visitors. So, write an article! Not sure when you can? Well, start with the content of your site as a basis – you may already find you have done the effort. Can’t think of a subject? Well, think laterally again.

If you are selling artistic candles, for example, what about articles about the annals of candle making? If you think hard enough there probably is something you can write about! You made need to do just a little research, but articles will help build your traffic and ranking. And for sure it would be possible after adding your personality and revising to utilize them as content for your own online business.

Articles do not need to be lengthy – in fact, shorter is better. Probably only 600 to 1000 words. What you want to do in your article is to reveal something related to your website.

Now there are several websites that you will distribute your article for you. Other websites may use your article free of charge, but they need to include the author details – which of course means your website details. Do not worry if some people start using your article, they will only hurt their domains, at the same time the more they are using it the better backlinks in SEO parameters your website will be getting.

Better still you can submit your article to a variety of article sites. Ezine Articles is one of the biggest, but any search on Google will reveal lots of others.

It’s a certain thing that nobody could say that this is a piece of cake, for sure it is not an easy task. it does require a hell of effort, time and knowledge. No one is going to use your article if it is not well thought out and tells them something new. It must not be boring either.

However submitting articles still work, it is not as it used to be before, it needs time to construct the name and the authority, however in some ways it still can positively impact the website ranking and though the last algorithm updates I am still sure if it is done the right way without spinning content and manipulating search engines, it could be a vital factor for getting some really powerful do-follow backlinks in SEO external links profile pointing back to your webpages.

You could find webpages on the vast web that contain an infinite amount of subjects, and they really can be very useful and educative! Free articles for web designing, for example, can bring you other hints and tricks for making the best of your website.

If you use an article you must put on the full author’s bio and a link back again to their site. But the benefit to you is ready-made content hopefully keyword rich which will attract the internet search engine bots like bees to honey!

Webrings are yet another way of building links – again, check the page rank of the web band you are joining. Webrings used to give you a boost in backlinks in SEO profile of your business and also provide you human visitors with other sites appealing which they may decide to visit unfortunatlly the service has been discontinued in 2016.

Let’s face it – website design and publishing is truly a lot harder work than you probably first thought when you started designing your home page. But there is certainly nothing more demoralizing than having designed a wonderful site which you are extremely proud of – only to find you have no visitors at all!

You probably do want to spend all of your time fine-tuning your existing pages and putting up new ones, and anything which drags you from this will be resented, but if you would like a successful website link building is something which has to be done.

The best advice is to place one day a week aside for what we should call your marketing activities. Link building, along with SEO, is tedious activities. Building SEO into the way you construct your pages from the beginning, in other words, you should be considering how your page impacts the human eyes and behind that beautiful design, there should be some excellent metadata to be able also to make an impact in Google spiders eyes! And always you should be using your day a week to develop links.

A tip from experienced developers in this area is not to aim to get hundreds of backlinks in SEO profile of your website will be obtained in a short space of time – this will again make the various search engines suspicious. Instead, just try to get one quality hyperlink at least once a month.

Website marketing is not a short sprint – it is more like a marathon. Many will start the race, but a huge number will fall beside the wayside. But if you acknowledge it’ll be hard work and keep slogging away you’ll get to the end. There will come a period when you will receive a request from a reputable, well-ranked website, requesting a reciprocal link from you!
I know what I have written is tough like hell to be applied as a daily habit, one’s can say, why should I do that, I have money and I can invest buying links!

The answer to this is that unfortunately, the major part of online services is offering private blog networks, and even though they could have a trust flow that arrives 50! One day they would be spammed as hell with the daily links added. So it is not a good idea and It would never be a long term investment. So please do not do it since one day you will be investing money to find those toxic backlinks in SEO profile of your own website to generate a file and disavow it in search consoles!

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