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Often when web marketers are starting with new websites, they hit the ground running, so to speak, when it comes to backlinks, after learning that backlinks are important – and due to a misunderstanding when it comes to the way backlinking works, many people end up defeating the object of backlinking all together.

Nothing to do with Google & the other search engines is that simple in reality, but there’s no point in talking about things technically, there’s always a way to simplify the often complex facts – and the most simple way I can explain what I’m wanting to get across here, is to say “keep it looking natural.”

In a nutshell, Googles intentions are to allow the cream to rise, and the crap to fall – so that when searchers search Google for stuff, they find the best quality websites which are publishing the most relevent content about their search – so that they continue to dominate the search market. They do this by having systems which are clever enough to be able to weed out artificial indicators.

A good analogy for this is the olympics, sports people are expected to compete within the legal guidelines, which means not cheating by taking performance enhancing drugs. We all understand why this is, they want the real quality & talent to win, and they don’t want to allow drugs to give people the edge and beat people who have more natural talent, ability, drive & focus.

So if we see page one Google ranking as winning in relation to the olympics analogy, Google want to ensure that the real quality wins – they want the best quality & most relevant content to reach the top, while discounting any cheating – they want to block any efforts to cheat. They can’t dope test websites… so the way they do this is with their clever algorithms.

Many search engine marketing resources teach the specifics of all of this, so if you’re interested then the info is there to be found – I say, why waste time figuring out all of the specifics, just be aware that you need your marketing efforts to look as natural as possible, and not look like any kind of performance enhancement has been attempted.

If you have a brand new website, just indexed, and all of a sudden there are thousands of backlinks flying in to the website, all from similar kinds of websites (and by the same kinds of websites, I mean the same quality of website),

does this look natural? OK you may say that it could be natural if a lot of offline marketing has been done for instance, or if there are other reasons for a great deal of interest – but Google (and the other search engines) are not daft, their systems can tell if a massive influx of backlinks are naturally gained or not.

I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of how Google know – they just do, they’re Google, they probably know what your favourite brand of butter is, what coffee you drink, your inside leg measurement icon wink Dripfeed Backlinks you think they’re not clever enough to know if you’ve just paid for a ton of backlinks?

What does look natural, is a steady flow of various kinds of backlinks from different kinds of websites. You can do a LOT more good with 10 backlinks gained over a few months, than you might do from gaining several hundreds of backlinks in a week or two. It’s a lot more to do with quality than quantity anyway, but if you get tonnes of backlinks fast, it just doesn’t look natural.

Don’t get me wrong, if you develop the latest hit iphone app, and all of a sudden news websites & tech blogs are writing articles about it & you get hundreds or even thousands of backlinks – I am not saying that this isn’t going to be taken well by Google – but they will know due to the kinds of websites giving the links, the quality of these websites, that its legitimate – and the backlinks will count.

So what I would recommend is that you don’t go looking for massive backlink blasting packages, but instead you look at ways to achieve dripfeed backlinking. That is, you do the work in one chunk, but then the backlinks drip in over time, which looks natural

You can achieve dripfeed backlinking with article marketing, by submitting well written articles to networks where other webmasters will pick them up over time – and by continually working little & often on gaining backlinks from various sources, and of course publishing great content & having a good website & great features is a way to naturally gain backlinks over time (i.e people will link to your website because they feel it’s of value to their readers / visitors) however one of the easiest way to achieve constant dripfed backlinks is with a content syndication network such as traffic kaboom.

Whatever you do, just remember you don’t want a huge blast of backlinks & then nothing – as this doesn’t look natural, dripfed backlinks from a range of different types of website is what you should be aiming to achieve.

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